The PrepOwl from Owlses

I’ve got to say–this is a damn interesting theme for a site. To quote them, “Owlses uses the world’s ubiquitous, smartest, loved and simultaneously misunderstood extant nocturnal birds of prey that resemble and blatantly celebrate a (usually) stereotypical character in society.”

I think this one, PrepOwl, is my definite favorite. I love the glasses and the shirt design, replete with skinny tie. The colors just look great.

You can pick it up for $20 at Owlses, on what I believe is American Apparel. I’m definitely gonna keep an eye on these guys–I wanna see what owls they come up with next.

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  • Thank for featuring Owlses, Colin! Much appreciated.
    The shirts are definitely printed on American Apparel.
    Keep an eye out for fresh designs soon!

    Comment by Joe (Owlses) — March 2, 2010 @ 12:03 PM

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