T-Shirtblo.gs — Ranking the World of…T-Shirt Blogs

Andy from Hide Your Arms–a  pretty snazzy t-shirt blog–just released a new site, t-shirtblo.gs, which ranks the numerous shirt related blogs around the Internet. It’s a helpful concept, it’s done well, and it looks pretty, so I’m all for it. It should help everyone involved, whether you like buying t-shirts, blogging them, or selling them.

Unfortunately, T-Shirt Roundup is currently ranked 40th, which is lame. It’s not like things aren’t close though–I’m only separated from 4th place by .6 of a point (rankings are out of 5). So, if you wanted to head on over, and maybe help me raise my ranking a bit, I will give you mad Internet props, as well as lots of kind thoughts. So yeah, go vote, and hopefully you like me enough to give good scores!

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  • Thanks a lot for the post Colin!

    Comment by Andy — June 7, 2010 @ 11:44 AM

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