Real King LA–Kobe Shirt from 1two

In honor of the Lakers beginning the playoffs tomorrow, and entering into their run for a three-peat, I thought I would post up this shirt from 1two. As you can see, the text reads “The Real King Plays in Los Angeles.” This statement is, quite obviously, true, as Kobe is approximately 1.47 times better than Lebron. I’m checking out for the night now, but go Lakers!

You can pick this shirt up from the 1two store. It’ll cost you $27.99 if you want to add it to your closet.

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  • I just visited the 1two shop online. They really love Kobe and Michael Jordan over there. They have another shirt that says “The Real King Played in Chicago (with a number 23)”. No offense to Kobe but I like that one better.

    Comment by Juna D — April 17, 2011 @ 11:56 AM

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