Tzars and Warlords T-Shirt from Sub Urban Riot


Sub Urban Riot was kind enough to send me their Tzars and Warlords t-shirt to review. Let’s start at the beginning with shipping. Jason shipped the shirt out the same day he offered me the review, how’s that for quick shipping? While I haven’t bought a shirt off them, I’ll assume they offer the same service to regular customers as well.

I got the package a few days later. It came in a bag with a little catalog book, and some branded matches. I got a little laugh out of the matches, because most people just send stickers, so that’s a nice touch.

Now on to the actual shirt. This shirt is one of the most comfortable tees I own. According to the site, they print on “100% cotton, Sub Urban Riot original rough cut design”. I don’t know where they get it, but it’s just amazingly comfortable. The sizes do run a little small though, so if your regular size is tight on you, you should consider ordering a size up.

Instead of giving my thoughts on the design, I’m just going to quote the product description, which sums it up pretty nicely: “Badass, tough as nails! Need we say more.” I also asked Jason for a little more about the shirts background, and here’s what I got:

Inspiration for Tzars and Warlords. Well it runs in the theme of our Ruin and Ancients designs. I hesitate to say we’re giving homage to tzars and warlords of history, but more of a recognition. There are some fascinating personalities and civilizations that sprouted from that type of rule. To put that into graphic form was exciting to create. There is some commentary in there too.

Overall, I really like both this shirt and Sub Urban Riot as a company. The shirt looks great and is incredibly comfortable, and the company has fast shipping and quick and friendly email responses. They’re also having a sale on some of their shirts right now, so you can pick some up cheap. You can see the shirt in action over at my Flickr feed.

Price: $36.00 | Sub Urban Riot


Regaal T-Shirt from Naature


Regaal is an excellent design from Naature. The design comes in black on pink, or white on black (pictured above). The white on black is a limited edition, so if you like it, make sure to snag it now. This tee is printed on American Apparel, and can be had for the low price of $15.00 (cheap for an AA tee).

Price: $15.00 | Naature


Greatest Show on Earth T-Shirt from Tank Theory


Tank Theory just released a couple new shirts, one of which is this one, the Greatest Show on Earth. From the site,

Its a constant political and mental battle everyday everywhere on earth. Wars are being fought and operations being launched. Blood, black, blue, red and white, its an orgy of ravenous rulers fighting for domination over black goo and making this truly the Greatest Spectacle on Earth.

Like most Tank Theory tees, the design quality is excellent. I wish they would’ve printed this one in slim fit style though. They have the price listed, so maybe they’re still coming. There’s no way the slim fits are sold out already, considering t this tee was just released.

Also, Tank Theory is running a $15 sale on some of their t-shirts. I think it’s just to clear out stock, as none of my favorite designs are on sale, but they’re still good designs at a cheap price.

Price: $21.00 / $23.00 | Tank Theory


Monkey Wrench T-Shirt From Spraygraphic


While this tee may share a title with the Foo Fighter’s awesome song, there’s no actual relationship. Regardless, it’s still a kick ass shirt. The shirt is actually inspired by Edward Abbey’s famous environmentalist book, The Monkey Wrench Gang (which I’ve never read). As I said before (I think), I love how all their shirts have actual meaning/inspiration behind them.

On to some of the more physical details, Spraygraphic prints on 100% cotton, sweatshop free t-shirts. Also, the body style is form fitting, which means it stays close to the body (aka. it’s comfortable, at least for me).

Price: $26.00 | Spraygraphic


Organic Form Lover T-Shirt from Axid


I don’t have much time, but I just wanted to pop in for a quick entry to keep my roll of a post per day going. I posted up another one of Axid’s t-shirts awhile, and as I said then, and still do now, I like alot of their shirts, including this one. This one is probably in my top three or four (which I guess isn’t that amazing, considering they don’t have that many designs). I emailed them about what they print on, and they responded that it’s 100% cotton tees. I’m not sure what brand they are though.

Price: $25.00 | Axid


Threadless Picks for the Week – Cerberus and Water

New T-Shirts at Threadless today, which means I’m going to end up spending some money. I wasn’t really interested in many of the brand new shirts this week, but I really like the two shirts they reprinted.

Satan's Little Helper - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

I really like this one (it’s already ordered). I’m not a huge fan of the burgundy shirt, but I love the little puppy Cerberus, so I ended up shelling out the dough to buy it.

Water, Just Water - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

This is another reprint that I really like. I’m not sure what attracts me to it (certainly not the natural color t-shirt), but I just really like it for some reason. The design is awesome, and I think there’s multiple ways it could be interpreted. I’ll probably end up buying this one as well.

Remember to use coupon code “couponitdotcom” for $3 off.

Price: $15.00 / $17.00 | Threadless


Original Live Aids T-Shirts for Charity


James Applegath of Defunkd is auctioning off 20 vintage Live Aid t-shirts for charity. 100% of the profits will be given to Africa Aid. Check this out, buy some cool shirts, and help people at the same time.

Price: Auction (bid it up folks) | Ebay


Aya Kato Dragon T-Shirt from Beautiful/Decay


If you haven’t heard of Beautiful/Decay, I recommend you go and check out their t-shirts right now. The design quality of most of their tees is just astounding, especially this one, Aya Kato Dragon.

According to Beautiful/Decay,

This Aya Kato design features a cowering yet deadly ninja-geisha retreating behind her fan/umbrella and protected by her pet dragon which bleeds off the bottom of the shirt.

I believe a geisha is somewhat like a ninja, so that instantly ups the cool factor of this shirt. Other than that, excellent colors used in the design (it just looks cool, even if you can’t see what’s happening), and it’s printed on American Apparel, my favorite tees.

Price: $29.95 | Beautiful/Decay

Hat tip over at tcritic


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