Vacation from Blaine Fontana and Format Magazine


Format Magazine just released their new line of t-shirts, including this one, Vacation, by Blaine Fontana from Portland. The design is fairly simple, but comes off quite well. I definitely like the way he did the house, as well as the rays coming off of it.

If you want to pick this one up, it will run you $35 at Format Magazine. The design is limited to 300 pieces worldwide, so the chances of running into someone with the same shirt are pretty slim.

Then and Now from Design by Humans


I love the idea behind this shirt–it’s awesome and creative. I also love this shirt, with just one thing I’m not entirely happy about. I think the front is really well done–the childlike style is spot on. I just think the back is somewhat lacking. I feel like it could have been done better than what simply looks like a stock picture. That’s not a huge gripe though, because I’m still a fan of the shirt either way. It just could’ve been even better if the back had been done a little differently in my opinion. Hopefully that didn’t sound too rambally.

You can grab this for $25 at Design by Humans. I’ve also added a new working coupon at the Design by Humans coupon site.

Aqua Lion from Full Metal T-Shirt


I got an email from Aubrey from Full Metal T-Shirt awhile ago, and I was planning to write about this shirt, but then…I forgot. Full Metal T-Shirt is a design competition which as churned out some slick stuff, this one being my close favorite so far. I really like the smudged style, and how it looks like a painting (I’m sure there’s more official terminology than that, but hopefully you get the point).

It will run you $25, but they’ve been kind enough to set up a coupon, which will give you 10% off. Just use troundup10 to save 10% on your order. It will be active later tonight. You can also check back to find the latest Full Metal T-Shirt coupons.

The Invisible Gentleman by Philip Tseng at Threadless

I’m a big fan of this one, The Invisible Gentleman, from Threadless’ latest batch of shirts. It reminds me of Abbot and Costello Meet the Invisible Man, an awesome movie. See below, and then watch it sometime:


It’s printed on American Apparel, which I’ve decided I like better than Threadless’ regular blanks, so that’s a plus. It’ll run you $18 like all Threadless shirts. Check it out here!

Philip Tseng, the artist, has some other great designs that got printed at Threadless, so you should give those a peek too.

PS. Sorry for sucking at updating over the weekends, real life just gets a little time consuming sometimes.

City Eagle from Heavy Rotation (at Palmercash)


I really like the sketched eagle combined with the photograph of the street. In fact, I really like Heavy Rotation’s style in general. In a world where I had infinite money to spend on t-shirts, I would probably buy them all (oh, if only that world existed). But since I can’t, I have to focus on my favorites, one of which is this one.

I’ve linked to it at Palmercash, because it actually appears to be cheaper there. You can also use a Palmercash coupon (updated at that page) to save some money. Check it!

Night Watcher from Heroine Clothing + Coupon

Owl Heroine ClothingOwl Heroine Clothing

I’m liking Heroine Clothing’s Spring/Summer ’09 line, especially this tee–Night Watcher. I think the decision to use the blue for the owl, as well as the big print, make this a pretty slick shirt. Their other new releases ain’t too shabby either, but this one just stood out to me.

They we’re also kind enough to create a 20% off coupon–just use code troundup to get the discount. Grab it for $18.95 (before the coupon) at Heroine Clothing. It’s printed on American Apparel.

Animal Kingdom from Handsome Clothing


Pretty sick shirt from Handsome Clothing, who I found out about on Twitter, which I’m really growing to like (yay for commas!). I’m diggin the shades though, and the general style of the shirt in general. You can check this one out, and the rest of Handsome Clothing’s lookbook at their site.

Also, sorry for the slow posting lately–I’ll try to work on it.

Apples from Violent Elegance


No doubt this design is simple, as with many of Violent Elegance’s designs, but I think the simplicity is what makes it cool. There’s something attractive to me about just wearing a giant apple on my chest. If you haven’t had a chance yet, check these, and Violent Elegance’s many other awesome shirts out at their store. It’ll run you 29 Euros, or $38.54.

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