Daisy Buddha T-Shirt from Lotus


Above is the Daisy Buddha t-shirt from Lotus (who I believe is a band) that is being sold through Social Propaganda. There’s quite a bit of detail in the design, which I think is one of the reasons I really like it. The yellow t-shirt wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s not to bad for the design. If you’re a lady, you get lucky and yours is printed on blue, which I much prefer over the yellow.

Price: $17.00 | Social Propaganda – Men | Women

Robot Service from Shirt.Woot


Woot just recently released their Shirt.Woot site, which features a new t-shirt every day (Saturday and Sunday excluded). Due to the nature of Woot’s audience, their shirts seem to target techies/geeks. So far, they’ve had some good offerings, with my favorite being Robot Service. It reminds me of Transformers (which I’m sure was the point).

Although Robot Service was released yesterday (and later sold out), it appears it can still be had for the price of $15, instead of the usual $10. However, due to the free shipping, $15 is still a great price for a good design printed on an American Apparel shirt.

Price: $15.00 | Shirt.Woot

Quixotic Clothing, Pick up Tees for $8.50 Shipped


I think I may have mentioned this before, but it’s worth bringing up again just for the sheer awesomeness of the deal. Quixotic Clothing is in the midst of a long lasting “spring cleaning” sale (or at least that’s what I’ve been led to believe). Because of this, all their tees are only $10. But it gets better, not only does Quixotic have free shipping within the US on any quantity of shirts, they also have a coupon out there, “indie-threads” which grants an extra 15% off.

So, basically, you can pick up a great design printed on a great t-shirt, usually American Apparel, although some are Alternative Apparel, for the low price of $8.50 shipped.

Check it out: Quixotic Clothing

Iron & Wine T-Shirt


I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Iron & Wine over the last few days, and for some reason this led me to look into some Iron & Wine t-shirts. I’m glad I did, because it appears Sam Beam from Iron & Wine has personally done the designs for a couple different t-shirts. This is my favorite one I could find that actually has a variety of sizes in stock (most of the others only had X-Large or something unfortunately).

I guess the fact that I love Iron & Wine makes me a bit biased, but despite the simplicity of the design, I really like it. It’s printed on a grass green American Apparel t-shirt and can be had from Interpunk. You can check out more of Sam’s designs here.

Price: $14.00 | Interpunk

Parable Paranoia from Threadless

Parable Paranoia - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

This is one of my favorite Threadless Select tee’s that’s been printed in a long time. I love the combination of characters from both fairytales and folklore, and the gold foil adds an extra touch of awesome. Normally I’d shy away from a big print like this, but Threadless uses the right techniques to keep the design from being stiff and uncomfortable, plus, it’s printed on an American Apparel tee. All in all, this shirt is well worth the $25 Select price.

Remember to use a Threadless coupon to save $3.

Price: $25.00 | Threadless

New Shirts at Beautiful/Decay


Beautiful/Decay has just added some new shirts from Rockett to their online store. Rockett has some great designs, with my favorites being Crush and Rockett Owl. Prices are a typical for the Beautiful/Decay store, around $30.

Link: Rockett at Beautiful Decay

Disgusted With Humanity T-Shirt from Black Sea Apparel

disgusted-with-humanity-tshirt.jpg disgusted-with-humanity-tshirt2.jpg

A couple weeks ago Black Sea Apparel released some new tees, one of which being this one, Disgusted with Humanity. Here’s the message behind the shirt, as written by Black Sea,

While we try to encourage others to have a positive attitude and be proactive in making this world a better place, some of us cannot help sometimes just sitting down while our minds and hearts become severely overwhelmed with the ugly things in this world. Things like terrorism, theft and scams, homicide… even just taking advantage of one another… it’s enough to disgust us.

It’s an excellent design printed on an excellent t-shirt (American Apparel).

Price: $18.00 | Black Sea Apparel


New T-Shirts at Tank Theory

fucking-ay-tshirt.jpg fucking-ay-tshirt2.jpg

Tank Theory just released four new t-shirts as part of their June update. There’s one new t-shirt of the month, two artist society tees, and one standard tee (pictured above). They’ve also extended their $15 sale to some new t-shirts.

If you want a huge dose of creepy, check out Sinister Sideshow, which “…is one of the most hideous and vile creations we have ever seen. Concocted by San Francisco based designer Nick Philip, Sinister Sideshow celebrates all that is warped and unholy in the world today – mannequins, clowns, dementia, high society and candy canes.

Check it out, Tank Theory

Umbrellas T-Shirt from No Star


The moral of the shirt, “in the end, everything will be okay.”, is one well worth mentioning. I think No Star took an excellent approach to this design; it’s one of the first No Star shirts I’ve really wanted. I wish I could find what kind of shirts they print on. If anyone knows, I’d love a comment.

Price: $24.00 | No Star


Thanks tcritic

Bird Striker T-Shirt from Hyperpony


I just came upon Hyperpony from an ad I click on and I like what I see. This shirt, Bird Striker, is probably one of my favorites. “The Bird Striker tee is about declaring your independence and looking damn good while you do it!  ”

Sizing looks to run slightly small. I’m not completely sure what they print on, but I think it’s American Apparel.

Price: $24.00 | Hyperpony


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