Bill Solo T-Shirt from Pop Chart Lab

Bill Solo Murray t-shirtBill Murray t-shirt

Bill Murray is unequivocally one of the coolest cats out there. Whether he’s busting ghosts, or taking part in hilarious cameos in movies like Zombieland, he always keep it real. Given that, I was incredibly psyched when I saw Pop Chart Lab’s line (dare I say obsession?) of funny Bill Murray shirts. They’ve got Bill as Buzz Lightyear, Batman, and a bunch of other stuff. This one is my favorite though–Bill as Han Solo. He fits the role perfectly. I suppose the movies might have been a tad different with Bill acting, but it most likely would have only helped. This design rules, and Pop Chart Lab has a bunch of other cool t-shirts which you will definitely be seeing on troundup in the future.

You can buy this Bill Solo t-shirt for $22.00 at the Pop Chart Lab store. They print on 90/10 cotton-poly blend blanks, which should be pretty comfortable.

Tusken Raider Shirt from Tshirt Contest

Woo boy, this shirt from Tshirt Contest is pretty friggin’ awesome. It combines Star Wars with the NFL, a joining sure to please most people. It’s a play on the Oakland Raiders logo–check it out:

Star Wars T-Shirt Tusken Raider

The design is pretty self-explanatory, so I’m not going to devote too much time to the text of the post. All I will say is that this shirt is awesome, Captain Ribman (the designer of this shirt) is a witty dude. This shirt can be bought at the Tshirt Contest store for $20.00. They print on Hanes Nano-T t-shirt blanks.

Calvin, Spiffy Spaceman Shirt from Teefury

I, most likely similar to many of you guys, grew up with a healthy dosage of Calvin and Hobbes. I loved that little dude and his tiger–just great comics. I still own a ton of the books as well. Therefore, I was incredibly happy when I saw this awesome Calvin and Hobbes t-shirt on Teefury. Check it out:

Calvin and Hobbes T-Shirt

The design features a badass spaceman Calvin, along with a very vicious looking tiger. It looks like something that could come straight out of one of his fantasies (look at the landscape in the background–it’s drawn very much like a comic book). The juxtaposition of the two styles (comic vs. more realistic) is brilliant. This design reminds me of my childhood and is absolutely awesome. You can pick it up for only $10, however, after 24 hours this design will be gone forever. Act quick!

Hunter S. Giraffe T-Shirt from Headline Shirts

I’m finally back from vacation and ready to get back to posting at a more regular clip. I thought I would get that started with this awesome, awesome t-shirt from Headline Shirts. It’s called Hunter S. Giraffe, and it rules. Check it out:

Headline Shirts Hunter S. GiraffeHunter S. Giraffe

Hunter S. Thompson is a total badass, so whoever at Headline Shirts came up with the idea of making a giraffe version of him is a brilliant person. The design features the giraffe with Hunter’s customary hat and cigarette. It’s just something about a Hunter S. Thompson’like giraffe that gets me. So yeah, this design f&*&ing rules (censoring myself for effect).

You can pick up this tee for $24.00 at Headline Shirts’ store. They have both a men’s and women’s version of the design, and I have a list of Headline Shirts coupons to help save you some money.

Vitruvian Mon from T-Shirt Contest

T-Shirt Contest just released their newest shirt, which features an awesome mashup of da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man and Pikachu from Pokemon. Sounds like odd subject matter, right? I guess, but it’s goofily awesome. Check it out:

Pikachu T-Shirt

I still remember playing Pokemon on my Gameboy Color when I was a wee lad, so I’ll always have a soft spot for such subject matter. Pikachu just has that inherent magnetism, so when he gets put on a shirt, people like it. You can buy Vitruvian Mon for only $12.00 over at T-Shirt Contest. Tom Ledin is the actual artist for this t-shirt, and he resides out in San Francisco.

Another Awesome Jeremy Lin T-Shirt! Linsanity

I wrote up a list of my favorite Jeremy Lin t-shirts a few days ago. There were some great designs on that list. This one might be my favorite, though. It comes from Skreened  and is called “TO LINFINITY AND BEYOND”. Sounds pretty awesome right? Yeah it does. Check it out:

Jeremy Lin Shirt Linsanity

This design rules. It’s a great Lin pun, and anything that  incorporates Toy Story gets some bonus points. I also dig that they used his number in the Linfinity part of the shirt. Brilliant design, and kudos to whomever came up with it on Skreened. You can buy it at the Skreened store. They allow you to pick the color and type of shirt you’d like it printed on (which affects the price). If you bought it as pictured, it would cost $25.99 and would be printed on a white American Apparel shirt. That’s a small price to pay for such an an awesome shirt, especially if you’re one of those Knicks fans.

The Best Linsanity T-Shirts to Celebrate Jeremy Lin

If you’re a fan of basketball or, at this point, a living human, you’ve probably heard of the Jeremy Lin phenomenon known as Linsanity. Lin is a benchwarmer who has suddenly come off the bench to lead the New York Knicks to seven straight victories. “Lin” based puns (linsanity, linning, etc.) have been popping up all over the place. Included in this have been some pretty awesome t-shirts. So, here’s a post dedicated to showcasing some of the best Linsanity t-shirts that have been released. I might even update it as new shirts come out. Although I like the 76ers (so the Knicks winning is bad), I can’t help but enjoy the Jeremy Lin craze–it’s way better than Tim Tebow. So yeah, get Linsane and check out the shirts:

Linsanity T-Shirt Busted Tees

The first t-shirt (buy it here) comes from the always witty folks at Busted Tees. I love the huge font. It’s a very simple shirt, but it looks great. I think this shirt perfectly encapsulates the epic nature of Linsanity. You can get a Busted Tees coupon here to save a little bit of money, but this shirt retails for $20.

Jeremy Lin t-shirt

This next shirt isn’t quite for sale yet, but Kineda assures people they almost have it printed and it will be up for purchase very soon. Lin makes a great cartoon drawing, and I think the illustration is done very well. I dig it. You should be able to purchase it here in a couple of days.

Official Knicks Linsanity t-shirt

This bad boy is an official Linsanity t-shirt straight from the New York Knicks store. It’s a pretty solid design though–I love the use of the Knicks logo, and it looks kind of like a movie poster, which is great for something like Linsanity. Solid design, especially for coming straight from the Knicks. You can buy it for $19.95 at their store.

Jeremy Lin Linsanity shirt

I like this simple design from the aptly named (whoever registered that domain is super lucky!). As I said, very simple, but still a good design. I like how the text is a little “cracked”. You can buy it for $20 at their store.

Linsanity tee

If you’re looking for a cheaper option (in case Linsanity somehow fizzles out), this one is for you. It costs only a minuscule $9.95 at Wacky Planet. It looks very much like the official design, and for only $9.95 I think it’s a steal.

All I do is Lin, Lin, Lin

If you’re looking for a different take on Linsanity, check out this great “All I Do Is Lin, Lin, Lin” t-shirt from Skreened. The “lin” obviously replaces “win” from the popular DJ Khaled song. Good stuff.

Linsanity tongue shirt

I love this linsane play on the Rolling Stones album from Stack Clothing. This is one of my favorite Linsanity t-shirts, and it will only cost $15 at their store. That’s a bargain!

Linning t-shirt

Here’s another very simple Linning t-shirt, also from Skreened. This is a great design if you want something simple and classy.

These are all the Linsanity t-shirts that I will be posting for now, though I will certainly update this list if I find any more cool ones. Also, please let me know in the comments if you find a cool design (or if you sell one). I’m going to leave you with this…even Sarah Palin has gone Linsane. Check it:

Sarah Palin Linsanity t-shirt

Popeye Silhouette T-Shirt from Altru Apparel

Popeye T-ShirtPopeye Shirt

I was browsing around the Altru Apparel t-shirt store when I came across this awesome Popeye Silhouette t-shirt. It features an awesome silhouette (surprise) of everyone’s favorite spinach loving sailor. I dig the type face on the Popeye text, and I also think Popeye is striking an awesome pose. It looks great, and the design really pops. I also love how the black looks on the blue tee. Cool stuff.

You can buy the design for $36 at the Altru Apparel store. I know that price is a little steep for a t-shirt, but it is a cool design…maybe you think it’s a cool design worth $36.

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