Shark Sailor from Shivtees

Hooray for random shirts. Shivtees emailed me awhile back looking to get reviewed, so I figured it was about time I got around to it. I guarantee this shirt will get lots of comments. I mean, honestly, if you saw someone wearing this, wouldn’t you ask them about it?

Shivtees sells shirts via Spreadshirt, so you can customize colors, t-shirt type, etc. Pick it up for $18.99 at Shivtees.

Split Personality from Glennz

Glennz has gotten a bunch of designs printed on Threadless, so I think it’s a pretty good decision for him to open up his very own store. Right now, he’s got nine different tees printed on American Apparel. He’s got an excellent selection, it’s the same style (mostly) as the quality prints you’d see on Threadless (which makes sense). You can check out all his shirts, including Split Personality, at his shop.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s another one I like. This one’s called Dangerous Games, I think you can see why.

Ghost T-Shirt from Poketo! Apparel

Ogi says, “I layered drawings and scribbles. Happy deaths?” Huh?

I like the layers of drawing and scribbles – it makes for a cool shirt and some extra scary ghosts (not entirely). The sketch’y style is perfect for this design. I believe Poketo! prints on American Apparel shirts. This one comes on navy and will cost you $28. Check it out at Poketo! Apparel.

Also, this isn’t a t-shirt, but I noticed they have an excellent selection of wallets. So if you’re looking for a new wallet, check out their wallet section – you won’t be dissapointed (at least I wasn’t).

Big Foot from Inkbath

Inkbath just recently became an advertiser on my site, so I thought I would help support them by throwing up this post of their Big Foot t-shirt. It’s just a tad on the quirky side, but I view that as a good thing. Check it out at Inkbath.

Spring-ATRON R.E.S.U.B. from Shirt.Woot


I’m usually not up late enough to post about Shirt.Woot tees in time for people to actually buy them. But, today I didn’t feel like going to sleep, so you all get to benefit. This quirky, spring themed shirt is the 2nd place shirt from this weekends Derby and it’s only $10 with free shipping (and printed on American Apparel). Check it out at Shirt.Woot.

Robot T-Shirt from Royal Family Clothing


I was digging through my mailbox and found an I missed email from Royal Family Clothing. It’s a shame I did, as they’ve got some nice shirts. They’re new on the block, so they could use their support. This one, Robot, is by far my favorite. Check it…

Name: Robot
T-Shirt Type: Unknown
Price: $25.00
Where to Buy: Royal Family Clothing

Lovespread from Palm Shirts


I just came across Palm Shirts, a relatively new (as far as I can tell) brand out of Portugal, and I think it’s safe to say this is my favorite shirt from them, although I do like most of them – I’m a fan of their style in general.

This shirt comes in both purple and white and can be had for 28.00 Euros.  Check it and there other shirts out at Palm Shirts.

I Wish I Were from Threadless

I Wish I Were - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
I Wish I Were
Genius design from Ian Leino. I haven’t been impressed with Threadless’ offerings lately, but this is one that will bring me back (or will at least get a purchase out of me).
Check it out and remember to use a Threadless coupon.

More Scared of You T-Shirt


It kind of reminds me of the Threadless tee with the cyclops and a pair of glasses (noclops maybe?). I like it. Check out the entire site, Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction have some great tees.

Name: More Scared of You
T-Shirt Type: American Apparel (Maybe?)
Price: $36.00
Where to Buy: Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Going Home T-Shirt from A Better Tomorrow


I love this contest winner from A Better Tomorrow. The artist has a great style – I really like the way the people are drawn. The company is based in Germany, so prices (the Euro + shipping) might be a little high for Americans.

Name: Going Home
T-Shirt Type: Continental Clothing
Price: 22.00 Euros
Where to Buy: A Better Tomorrow

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