Humanic Dancing design at Threadless

humanic dancing t-shirt

I just came across this gem at Threadless while scoring some designs. Just the sheer quirkiness of this design got my $5 vote. You can check this design out and vote for it here.


Glarkware Big Foot vs. Abe Lincoln T-Shirt


I love T-shirts with random designs, and this one from Glarkware certainly fits that description. The shirt, entitled Big Foot vs. Abe Lincoln, features Bigfoot boxing with Abe Lincoln. This one is bound to get a few laughs, or at least spark some interesting conversation. Check it out over at Glarkware.

Price: $20.00 | Glarkware 


Electrobug T-Shirt from SharpShirter


I can’t really explain what attracts me to this shirt. I just think its a cool design to look at and also interesting to think about. You can check this one, entitled “Electrobug”, out at SharpShirter.

Price: $14.99 | SharpShirter


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