Showdown T-Shirt from Uneetee

It’s been awhile between posts again, I’m still trying to remedy the huge wait. But, I had to stop in today because I really like this new one from Uneetee. It’s available in both silver and white, but the silver is definitely my favorite. The reason I like it? One samurai is pretty B.A., but two samurai (samurais?) is just over the top.

Pick it up in silver or white at Uneetee.

Introducing Extraweg

Just got an email from Oliver in regards to his new line, Extraweg. They’re a German line with some pretty cool tees. Right now they have five designs out (as far as I can tell), but I’m sure that will be changing in the future. The site seems to be a mix between English and German, most of the navigation is English, but the t-shirt descriptions are German. So you should be able to find everything fine, just learning about the tees might be a little tough.

Also, the Euro prices hurt, but that doesn’t detract from the designs themselves. Check it out at Extraweg.

30% Off at Ten Bills

Just got an email from Emil at Ten Bills. Until July 14th, you can use coupon code “Summer” at checkout for 30% off your order. When shirts are already priced at only $10, 30% off makes for some uber cheap gear. Check it out, they have some great designs.

Sunstache Kid from Fuzzy Ink

Mustache t-shirts strike back again. Sunstache Kid comes from a collaboration with Craig “Wotto” Watkins. It’s certainly sure to stir some conversation, as I think it’s a pretty unique design. Each shirt is one of a kind, complete with a hand printed tag on the softest shirts Fuzzy Ink could find. Check it out at their store. It’s currently on pre-order for $15.95.

PS. Has anyone heard the results from DBH’s Friend-A-Thon? I’ll email the winners of my contest soon.

20% Off at Design by Humans

Just to reiterate, use code Crynos for 20% off at Design by Humans. Then leave a comment in the post below and you’ll be entered to win free shirts from me.

I’m Giving Away $380 Worth of Design by Humans Shirts + 20% Off Coupon

So I’ve got all these points saved up, and I figured the best way to get rid of them was to hold a nice little contest. Here’s the deal, I’m going to be giving away $380 in Design by Humans shirts. I’ve decided to offer 9 people the chance to win 2 shirts of their choice. So a total of 9 different people will be winning 2 shirts of their choice.

Here’s what you have to do to enter:

Place an order at Design by Humans and use my rep code, Crynos. By using this code your also getting 20% off your order, as well as a free $10 Itunes gift certificate. After you do this, leave a comment here with the email of your design by humans account and your design by humans username and you’ll be entered to win. For every 10 people (minimum), I will give away one package of two shirts.

So quickly, use my rep code, Crynos. Save money on your order and get an Itunes gift certificate. Leave a comment. Win free shirts from me. It really is that simple.

Contest ends July 6th.

15% Off Sale at Palmercash

Palmercash is offering 15% off everything in their store as part of their Independence Day sale. They have a bunch of shirts from various designers, with some of my favorites being Vintage Vantage, Heavy Rotation, and Ames Bros (the guys who made that Get Off t-shirt I just wrote about). With the 15% sale, you can get these shirts cheaper than buying directly from the designer.

No coupon is needed, the discount is taken when the item is added to your cart.

Check it out at Palmercash.

Another Busted Tees Midnight Madness Sale

Due to the success of their last one, Busted Tees will be holding another Midnight Madness sale starting tonight at 12am and lasting the entire day of tomorrow (being June 23rd). All of their shirts will be marked down to the low, low price of only $13. If you’ve been waiting to buy any of them, now is the time to do it.

You can bring the price down even more by using a handy dandy Busted Tees Coupon.

Check it out at Busted Tees.

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