10 Speed from Sub Urban Riot

I dig all the tees out there with old bicycles on them. It always reminds me of the Married to the Sea cartoons, which if you haven’t seen, you should check out. I think this one is a somewhat new release from Sub Urban Riot, as I didn’t see it last time I checked the site.

Sub Urban Riot’s shirts are incredibly comfortable, they feel like Vintage Vantage shirts (if you’ve ever worn one of theirs). This one also comes in black, and can be bought right here for $40.

The Ghost Ship T-Shirt from Shirtcity

Robert from Shirtcity has been emailing me for awhile now – I’ve always put off responding though (I get busy and forget), so I feel bad about that. Today when he emailed me, I really liked one of the submissions, so I figured I could rectify my lack of responses by throwing a post up.

This one is from the Scribtee part of the site (I’m actually entirely sure what that means, but it sounds cool). At first I thought it was just a ship, but at second glance, I realized the ship is indeed a ghost ship (a for realz ghost). I think the mint shirt is the best possible color for this to be printed on, it works very well.

You can pick it up for 22 Euro from Shirtcity.

Threadless Reprints Eclipse!

Eclipse! - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
Eclipse! – Threadless

There’s really just one Threadless shirt I like this week, and it’s not even one of the new ones – it’s the reprint of Eclipse!. I think this shirt came out during one of their sales, so it sold out lightning fast. Thankfully, now it’s back, and printed on one of Threadless’ custom tees, which, by the way, are head and shoulders above the old Fruit of the Loom shirts they used to use.

They fit perfectly, at least on me, and are actually comfortable and not constricted to the shape of a box. I’m exceedingly happy Threadless decided to make the switch. So yeah, buy Eclipse!, because not only is it a good design, it’s printed on a good shirt.

Also, save $3 by using a Threadless coupon.

Shark Sailor from Shivtees

Hooray for random shirts. Shivtees emailed me awhile back looking to get reviewed, so I figured it was about time I got around to it. I guarantee this shirt will get lots of comments. I mean, honestly, if you saw someone wearing this, wouldn’t you ask them about it?

Shivtees sells shirts via Spreadshirt, so you can customize colors, t-shirt type, etc. Pick it up for $18.99 at Shivtees.

Fly Away T-Shirt from Rethink Clothing

Splatter designs are cool, especially when they go over the shoulder like this one. Also cool are birds in the splatter design (a commonplace occurrence I’m sure). And finally, one last cool thing is royal blue American Apparel shirts. So there you have it, three reasons why I like this shirt. You can pick it up for $15.00 from the relatively new brand (I believe), Rethink Clothing.

Win a T-shirt from Nerdy Shirts at GearCrave

GearCrave is giving away 10 tees from Nerdy Shirts this week. It’s quite easy to enter, all you have to do is sign up for their newsletter and then leave a comment with your favorite Nerdy Shirt and you have a chance to win. Here’s the post where you need to leave your comment, Nerdy Shirts Giveaway. Also, since i’ll be entering anyway, here’s my favorite Nerdy Shirt.

Unfortunately, it’s out of stock, so I might have to pick a new one. Suggestions?

Design by Humans New Custom T-Shirts

Similar to Threadless starting their own brand of t-shirts, Design by Humans has also taken the leap and launched their own brand, called Fabric. I talked with someone from DBH about it, and these new shirts are supposed to be softer, thinner, and a bit more form fitting than their current shirts. They should also be getting a new sizechart up for them soon.

I’m assuming they’ll fit similarly to American Apparel, but to be sure, I ordered both a small and a medium to test it out. Once I get the shirts, I’ll write up a new post about what they’re like. Until then, you can pick up blanks of these shirts for only $10 at Design by Humans.

You can use a Design by Humans coupon to bring the price down even more.

Introducing T-Shirt Magazine

If you’re looking for something a little different than the daily updated t-shirt blog, with a little larger and more in-depth articles, then you might want to think about checking out T-shirt Magazine. It seems to be a sort of portal, featuring articles, forums, a directory, etc. An example of what you’ll find in the article category is how to start a t-shirt collection.

It’s a pretty cool concept, with a little more meat to it than a standard blog. The magazine is updated every Friday and you can check it out at T-Shirt Magazine.

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