Want to Learn How to Start Your Own Clothing Line?

Gino from Color Overload just emailed me about his new ebook, Fuel for Design. From the man himself, “Fuel for Design is a complete guide on how to start a clothing line and is packed full of the latest t-shirt business and marketing tips.”

I usually get  a couple emails a month asking me for tips on selling shirts, etc. Unfortunately, I don’t really have any experience myself, so I can never answer that question. Now I can just point this question to Gino’s book. I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about, given that he’s behind an awesome set of shirts over at Color Overload.

So, if you’re looking to learn how to start a clothing line, don’t email me, just read about it from the man himself.

I Really Like Tee Fury

I just came across Tee Fury, which is another type of design competition. They sell one shirt a day, and once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. One thing I really like about them is their site design. It’s simple, easy on the eyes, and easy to navigate, all huge pluses in my book.

I also like the prices, $9 for a unique t-shirt is pretty damn good. Let’s just hope the quality is up-to-par. Finally, I like that they don’t slam you on shipping. Shipping is only $2 in the US, which is the best i’ve seen (other than the free shipping on shirt.woot.).

So check them out, and especially check out today’s design, which I will be most likely purchasing.

Introducing Weasel Farm

Just got an email from Justin at Weasel Farm. They’re pretty new, just formed in early 2008. Here’s the design philosophy from Justin himself,

The t-shirts almost always provide signature unique characters containing weaselly teeth and weaselly eyes. They provide a unique and interesting look while also providing some humor.

Right now they have two designs, with more on the way. I’d have to say my favorite is definitely Bull Shirt (the one on the left). Check them out at Weasel Farm. Also, the shirts are printed on American Apparel, if that’s a factor for you.

Introducing T-Shirt Monster

T-Shirt Monster

T-shirt Monster was created with the goal of giving designers the ability to sell their shirts without having to stock inventory. However, despite being an on-demand printer, they also focus on quality (which is something I’ve seen some other sites lacking in). From their site:

As an on-demand T-shirt printer, we take printing seriously. Each and every T-Shirt we print is done with the utmost care, hand folded and quality inspected before being shipped to your door.

The cool thing is they also feature a (high paying) design competition. Their competition runs monthly, with the design being chosen by the community (ala Threadless and Design by Humans). The prizes are $1,000 cash, a $500 gift certificate, and $2 every time one of your shirts is sold. The design is also placed in their hall of fame, which can boost your sales, and subsequently royalties. This months contest is set to end March 31st, so it may be too late. However, theres always the contest for April.

I just thought it was interesting how they’ve kind of made a hybrid between being an on-demand printer and having a design competition. Maybe it’s been done, but this is the first time I’ve seen it, so it caught my eye. Be sure to check them out at T-Shirt Monster.

Oh, and check out this design too 🙂

T-Shirt Monster

A Quick Update to Torso Pants – $8 off

With my post yesterday about Torso Pants I forgot to mention part of their opening promotion. If you sign up as a member of the Church of Torso Pants (pretty much a regular member account) they’ll give you $8 (in the form of “Torso Washingtons”) off your first shirt. So you can snag a shirt for $10. They also have private shirts that are only for members. Also, like Threadless, you can earn more “Torso Washingtons” for referring friends and submitting pictures.


Introducing Torso Pants

I’m not sure how new the actual store is, but I just got an email about them and they’re new to me so I thought I would throw a post up. They’re run by the people behind T-Shirt Hell, so I initially thought I wouldn’t be much of a fan. However, instead of going for offensive humor with Torso Pants,  they’re targeting people who like dry, obscure humor (which I am a fan of).

Here’s an example of what you’ll find on the site:


T-shirts will run you $18 per shirt. Check them out at Torso Pants.

Introducing Wunjo Wear

Wunjo Wear is an independent tee company located in Los Angeles. Wunjo Wear tees are inspired by the rhythms, colors, and energies of life.

This email has been sitting in my inbox for awhile, but I just finally got around to checking out their tees. They’ve got some nice designs. See everything at Wunjo Wear.

Dirty Microbe Scam

It appears one my previously favorite companies has gone bad. Dirty Microbe doesn’t seem to be sending out orders or responding to customer service emails, although they remain perfectly happy to charge credit cards and accept orders. A bunch of people are still waiting on shirts, and I’m personally out $75 in affiliate earnings they owe me, so I can only hope they come back and deal with this mess. Unfortunately, I doubt there’s much chance of that happening. As it as now, I strongly recommend you do NOT order anything from Dirty Microbe

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