Sleeping Giant from Enclothe


Enclothe recently released two new designs, one of which, “Sleeping Giant“, is pictured above. The other design is “Eternal Embrace“, which, while it isn’t bad, I don’t like as much as “Sleeping Giant”.


Don’t Touch The Thermostat


Today, as I was going through and rating a bunch of new Threadless designs, I came across this gem. Maybe it’s just me, but I find this shirt incredibly hilarious. Hopefully you feel the same way, as I really hope this one makes it into print.


ROFLMAO tshirt by Dirty Microbe


After having just received my, “The Communist Party” tshirt from Threadless, this shirt, ROFLMAO from Dirty Microbe, caught my eye. The shirt features everyone’s favorite person, Chairman Mao, with the ever popular ROFLMAO underneath. A great shirt for both your local communist AND geek.

Price: $15.00 | Dirty Microbe


Why I Love Threadless

Here’s a presentation from the founders of SkinnyCorp (the guys that own Threadless) on how to create online awesomeness. I really respect these guys, mainly because of the emphasis they put on having fun, and doing enjoyable projects without thinking about making money.


Gawker hates your kids


Apparently Gawker has started selling t-shirts, and I love it. Especially this gem, as I truly can’t stand the majority of the kids I have the “pleasure” to be around. Check it out, and just remember, “I Hate Your Kids”.

Hat tip to t-critic.


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