Imperial Army Men T-Shirt from Teefury

Imperial Army Men T-Shirt Star Wars

A more modern, Star Wars oriented, take on army men. This one is only available for 24 hours, so you don’t have much time to make up your mind.

You can pick up Imperial Army Men from the Teefury store. It’s only $11, but like I said you only have a limited time to purchase.

Feed Me Pizza T-Shirt from Buy Me Brunch

feed me pizza buy me brunch t-shirt

I guess Buy Me Brunch’s idea of brunch is pizza. Sounds fine with me. I believe Buy Me Brunch is the reincarnation of Vintage Vantage, so their shirts should be quite comfortable if they hold true to form.

You can buy Feed Me Pizza for $28.00 from Buy Me Brunch’s store. (more…)

20 Silicon Valley T-Shirts – Pied Piper, Erlich, and More!

I was listening to Pete Holmes’ podcast with TJ Miller when TJ said that Silicon Valley is so great because Mike Judge has finally created a workplace comedy that is 100% modern. Silicon Valley captures everything I imagine the real valley is like. So, that inspired me to create a list of all the quality Silicon Valley shirts that I could find. I did my best to avoid bringing piss to a shit fight, so I hope you enjoy! Here’s the list, in no particular order:

Pied Piper T-Shirt

We have to start with the classic Pied Piper logo t-shirt. These are available at multiple places, but I chose a version from Red Bubble. Buy it here.

Piss to a Shit FIght Silicon Valley

This shirt commemorates one of my all-time favorite quotes from Silicon Valley (maybe you noticed in my introduction paragraph). You can find it at Etsy. (more…)

Legend of Buddy T-Shirt from Busted Tees on Sale — Elf the Movie

Buddy the Elf T-Shirt Busted Tees

Busted Tees just put a new round of $12 tees up and this addition is very timely for the impending Christmas season. The shirt is based on one of my favorite Will Ferrell movies, Elf. You can’t beat some holiday wholesomeness for just $12.00. Buy it at Busted Tees. You should also¬†check for coupons before you buy and maybe you can save even more.

2 RAD 2B SAD T-Shirt from Cotton Bureau

2rad 2b sad t-shirt cotton bureau meg lewis

I’m not usually the biggest fan of (sort of) inspirational style t-shirts like this one, but I think the typography is too cool not to share. The artist, Meg Lewis, has done a great job. Truly a cool style to make me like a shirt in a category I don’t usually enjoy.

You can buy 2 RAD 2B SAD for ~$26.00 (depending on your options) from the Cotton Bureau store.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters on Sale at Teefury

Ugly Christmas Sweater teefury

Ok, I know these aren’t technically t-shirts, but they come from a t-shirt company, so hopefully that still counts. Teefury just put a whole set of ugly Christmas sweaters on pre-order. They will ship out on November 9th, and they cost $25.00 each, which is a pretty damn good price for a sweater (even if it is ugly).

This Peanuts inspired offering is my favorite–truly ugly, but in a charming way.

Animal Faces T-Shirt from Yuk Fun

Animal faces T-shirt by YUK FUN

This is a cool use of an all-over print. It’s a little bold for something that I personally would wear but I can see this shirt being quite popular for people with that style.

You can pick up Animal Faces from the Yuk Fun store for 29.99 pounds.

America T-Shirt from Buy Me Brunch

America Buy me Brunch

Sometimes patriotism means wearing a t-shirt of Abraham Lincoln riding a t-rex. This is one of those times.

I believe Buy me Brunch is the reincarnation of the company formerly known as Vintage Vantage. They always made some of the most comfortable t-shirts, so hopefully this trend continues.

You can pick up America from the Buy me Brunch store for $28.00.

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