Kafka Cotton are Closing Down–50% Off Sale

Kafka Cotton was on my list for making some great literary shirts. Unfortunately, circumstances have forced them to shut down. They will close their doors for good on April 30th. Until then, they’re selling all their designs for 50% off. That’s a great deal–help ’em clean out stock before May rolls around.

Check out the store, and pick up a discounted Kerouac or Vonnegut shirt (among others).

Shape of Adults to Come from Sympathy For The Unusual

This shirt is sold out, so I guess I’m being a bit of a tease by posting it. I’m sorry–I hope you’ll forgive me. I like this shirt too much not to post it. It answers the question: what are hipsters going to look like when they grow up? I actually don’t know if it’s just referencing hipsters (the tattoos confuse me), but I’d like to think so. The depiction is just so spot on and goofy. Hell yeah, Sympathy For The Unusual!

If this shirt ever comes back in stock, you can pick it up for 25 Euro from their store. Unfortunately, I doubt that will ever happen because this design was part of their S/S 2010 collection.

Evil Scream from A Better Tomorrow

I hinted about this shirt yesterday on Twitter. I wasn’t exaggerating, this is definitely one of my favorite designs, and one of the best I’ve seen in a while.

This shirt is, of course, based on the existential hard-on of a painting that is Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” (that sound kind of mean…I like The Scream). Ben Chen, the artist of the shirt, reproduces Munch’s painting within the world of Batman. The Joker replaces the “screamer,” and Batman replaces the people in the background of the original painting. Ben then added a bunch of small references–the cards, the bat signal–that you should check out in the detailed product pictures on the A Better Tomorrow site.

I really, really like this shirt. I love how unique it is, and I think Ben executed the design perfectly. It’s got that “it factor”–as soon as I saw it, even though the Euro exchange rate makes it incredibly expensive, I had to have it. This shirt is the bomb.

If you agree, you can pick it up for 22 Euro from the German shop A Better Tomorrow.

I’m Giving Away a FREE T-Shirt from Headline Shirts

It’s time for another t-shirt giveaway. I’m really happy about this one, because Headline Shirts is one of my favorite t-shirt companies, and one of the best purveyors of funny t shirts out there. Just like before, I’m going to make it super simple to enter.

If you’d like to enter and win any of Headline Shirts’ awesome designs, just head on over to their site, pick out your favorite shirt, and tell me which one it is in the comment section. So: go look at Headline Shirts, pick your favorite, leave a comment telling me which is your favorite (and if you wanna say why that’s cool too).

The contest will end next Thursday (4/14) at 11:59pm. I will use a random number generator to pick one of the comments at random. Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks to Headline Shirts for offering up a free tee!

Spring Sale at Uneetee–All Tees $15.00

So…I’m a bit late on posting this, but Uneetee have extended their Spring sale until April 10th, so you’ve still got some time to get your shopping done. Until Sunday, all of Uneetee’s shirts are only $15.00. I haven’t posted about them in a long time, which is kind of sad ’cause I think they have some great designs. Maybe I’ll start posting about them more often–that would be good.

If you’d like, head on over to their store and check out the sale. We’ve also got Uneetee coupons, although I don’t think they’re active during the sale.

List of All T-Shirts that Donate to Japan–Help Earthquake victims

What happened in Japan was tragic. It makes me happy, though, to see the huge number of t-shirt companies that have created shirts that donate all or a portion of their proceeds to Japan. It’s incredibly generous–so thank you t-shirt companies. I wanted to round up all these shirts, so that you can have the most opportunities to donate (through buying a shirt). Buy one or all of them, it all goes to a good cause. Also, this post contains some affiliate links–any money (hopefully there will be some ’cause you guys are buying the shirts) made from these links will be donated to Japan.

Palmercash has a total of twelve designs for sale, all of which donate their full profits to Japan. I’m not quite sure which charity, though.

Threadless is selling a single Japan t-shirt, which donates 100% of the profits to the American Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund.

Karmaloop will be donating all the proceeds from their “Rising Sun” shirt to Red Cross efforts in Japan.

Wordboner has released this shirt, which will donate all profits to the Red Cross. Also, the placement of this shirt above the next shirt was completely unintentional.

Pray for Japan is selling four different designs, which donate all proceeds to the American Red Cross.

Dres13 has teamed up with Mother Falcon to create a shirt which will donate 100% of its profits to the Japanese Red Cross Society.


Ript Apparel and the artist of the shirt will be donating a total of $6 for each shirt sold to the Red Cross.

FITTED will be donating all profits from this shirt to relief efforts in Japan.

Seventh.Ink has released this “Japan Relief” shirt which will, well, donate profits to Japan relief efforts.

Goodjoe has released this interesting little design, from which all proceeds will be donated to GlobalGiving.org’s Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.

Wardrobe (I think that’s the brand) has released this shirt for the Salvation Army to help relief efforts in Japan.

If I missed any shirts (that are still in stock), please let me know in the comments section and I’ll add them to the list. Buy some, and help Japan!

Philosophy Fighter T-Shirt from 604 Republic

This shirt made me undergo some intense chuckling upon viewing. It’s just straight up goofy–Socrates and Plato battling it out Street Fighter style? Sign me up. I love the creativity, and I love the implementation. Kudos to you, 604 Republic.

If you wanna pick this design up, head on over to the 604 Republic store. They print on Alstyle blanks. They’ve also been kind enough to give troundup an exclusive 604 Republic coupon, so that’s definitely worth checking out. It’s good for 15% off your order, making this shirt $17.00 instead of the usual $20.00.

Introducing Thirtee–A Cool New Take on Selling T-Shirts

Thirtee launched back on March 3rd, but I’m just now remembering to blog about it (I’m on top of things). They’ve based their store on a new concept which I really like. Every month they feature an artist and sell that artist’s best designs for 30 days (hence, Thirtee). You usually don’t see this much emphasis on the artist of the shirts, and I think it’s cool that Thirtee has changed that.

March’s artist is Greg Abbot, who I confess I’d never heard of before this. He’s got a really cool style though, so I recommend you check his stuff out. All Greg’s designs are only $12.00 each, which is pretty cheap for the quality of the designs and the American Apparel blanks. Go check Greg’s stuff out, and check back in April for Thirtee’s next artist!

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