Rap Music Makes Me Feel Invincible from Print Liberation

How true is this statement? Throw on some rap and you feel like you can take on the world, which makes it great for workouts–that or the Strokes (my other workout mix).

I’m really glad Print Liberation decided to bring this one back–I wanted to buy it before but they had already sold out of my size. Don’t delay then, because this might sell out fast.

You can pick it up on the awesome American Apparel tr-blend shirt for $22.00. I own like 8 of the tri-blends and wear them at least a couple times a week–they’re deliciously soft. Check it out at Print Liberation. They kick ass.

Technicolor Typewriter from Rethink Clothing

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: vintage typewriters on t-shirts look cool, especially when you do interesting/different things with the color pattern. I think I’ve pretty much described Rethink Clothing’s new shirt, Technicolor Typewriter, with that statement. To reiterate, it looks cool.

You can find this bad boy over at Rethink Clothing in white or heather gray. I like the white option the best. It’s printed on American Apparel.

Introducing Hirsute History from Jeremy Kalgreen

“hirsute [hur-soot] -adjective: of, pertaining to, or characteristic of hair.”

Man, Jeremy is always coming up with great ideas for shirts (and lines of shirts). This one is definitely no exception. Thanks to Jeremy, you can proudly display the hair of any number of your favorite historical figures.

The colors he picked (yellow and red) are excellent and, much more importantly, they’re all beautiful renditions of the applicable person’s hirsute inclinations (did I use that right?).

Anyway, check out all the options at Hirsute History–I’ve only picked two of my many favorites. While you’re at it, check out Jeremy’s other stuff as well. It’s grand. Amorphia Apparel was one of the first brands I wrote about, if I can remember that far back (it’s been like 3 years. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!!).

The PrepOwl from Owlses

I’ve got to say–this is a damn interesting theme for a site. To quote them, “Owlses uses the world’s ubiquitous, smartest, loved and simultaneously misunderstood extant nocturnal birds of prey that resemble and blatantly celebrate a (usually) stereotypical character in society.”

I think this one, PrepOwl, is my definite favorite. I love the glasses and the shirt design, replete with skinny tie. The colors just look great.

You can pick it up for $20 at Owlses, on what I believe is American Apparel. I’m definitely gonna keep an eye on these guys–I wanna see what owls they come up with next.

Selling a DISGUSTING Amount of Graphic T-shirts.

I just came home from college and did a little closet cleaning. The result? Like 70 t-shirts that I’m looking to get rid of. I’m going to sell these in huge bundles of 10+ shirts. I’ve got Threadless, Design by Humans, Busted Tees, and tons and tons of random shirts which you can pick up ridiculously cheap. Because I’m selling them in such huge bundles, I’m going to use large flat rate priority boxes to ship them in. As such, add $16.50 to the price for shipping (unless specified otherwise)–sorry, but 15+ shirts are pretty heavy. Email me at crn001 ^^&at&^^ gmail.com or head to my contact page if you’re interested. Now, on to the lists:

All these shirts are in excellent condition, and most have only been worn once (if ever). We’ll start with the Threadless Bundle.

Threadless Bundle. 14 shirts, all sized Guys Medium. $42 + shipping ($3 a shirt!!).

I Listen to Bands that Don’t Even Exist Yet
Dead Shred
I Wish I Were
Shakespeare Hates Your…
Executioner is a Nice Job
No More Bento
Swamp Guitar
If You’re Interested in Time Travel…
Big Cats
Doin my Best

Design by Humans Bundle #1. 16 Shirts, Guys Medium. $48 +  shipping ($3 a shirt!!).
Freedom Fighter
Rainy Days
Flock from the Norm (Part 2)
Caspian Tiger (1947)
Concentric Downpour
Shark with Pixelated Teeth
The Flood
Halftone Robot
Set me Free
A Pirates Tale
Controlled Chaos
Chaos Came from the Ocean

Design by Humans Bundle #2. 13 Shirts, Guys Small. $39 + Shipping ($3 a Shirt!!).

Time to Say Goodbye
Black Hole Sun (white)
Swing to the Music
Drink the Sun
Kyung Jin
Thrillin Bear
Shark with Pixelated Teeth
Oodle Doodle
The Flood
Black Hole Sun (grey)

Busted Tees Bundle. 3 Shirts, All Guys Medium. $12 + $6 shipping ($4 a shirt!!).

Car Ramrod

*************Now for some fun…the random shirt bundles. If you read my blog often, the shirts will fit my style. Other than that though–it’s completely random (it would be way too much work to track down all the shirts). These are not “bad” shirts by any means, they are just from a bunch of random companies (teextile, uneetee, and seriously too many to try to name) so any cohesive grouping is impossible. They’re also ridiculously cheap:

Random Bundle #1. 14 Shirts, Guys Medium. $21.o0 + shipping. ($1.50 a shirt!! I”m Crazy).

Picture of Shirts for Bundle #1 — It’s got some Teextile,  Ten Bills, Monsieur T, Vintage Vantage, Dirty Microbe (before they scammed people–own a piece of history) and many others.

Random Bundle #2. 13 Shirts, Guys Medium. $19.50 + shipping. ($1.50 a shirt!! I”m Crazy).

Picture of Shirts for Bundle #2 — It’s got some Teextile, Dirty Microbe (again, before they scammed people), Uneetee, Vintage Vantage, and many others.

Random Bundle #3. 13 Shirts, Guys Medium. $19.50 + shipping. ($1.50 a shirt!! I”m Crazy).

Picture of Shirts for Bundle #3 — It’s got some Teextile, Monsieur T, Ten Bills, and many others.

Again…Email me at crn001 ^^&at&^^ gmail.com or head to my contact page if you’re interested.

Everything on Sale at Busted Tees!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been a long time since this has happened. Everything (instead of just the stuff they’re looking to get rid of) is on sale for one day. All shirts are $15, hoodies are $25 and kids stuff is $12. The sale ends tomorrow (Feb 25th) at noon, so don’t dawdle. Be a good citizen and stimulate the economy. Buy stuffffffff!!!! Add on to your luscious savings with a Busted Tees coupon.

Ice Ice Baby from Regal Clothing

I think I’ve talked about how I think huge text looks really cool. If I haven’t, it’s true–I think huge text looks really cool. Everybody also loves Vanilla Ice, so put those two together and you’ve got t-shirt magic on your hands (well, technically your torso…).

You can find Ice Ice Baby over at Regal Clothing. It’ll run you 17.50 pounds (curse you exchange rate!!). Check it. I think these are printed on American Apparel, so the magic on your torso has just been increased (that’s some voodoo shit!).

Also, does anyone not like parentheses? Because then you probably don’t like me. But has Buddy says in Seymour: An Introduction–here’s an unpretentious bouquet of very early-blooming parentheses:(((()))). Enjoy.


The Dude Wants You to Take it Easy (Big Lebowski Shirt)

I was stumbling around the web earlier when I came upon this awesome site called Dudeism. Dudeism is essentially a religion/philosophy based upon The Big Lebowski’s Dude, among others. Apparently you can even become ordained as a ministir of Dudeism, which I’m certainly debating doing. I got a kick out of the site, as well as this image/shirt (found on the site), so I thought I would share it with y’all.

The Dude looks damn good as Uncle Sam. You can find this shirt at Dudeism’s Printfection store. Check it out, and remember to always take it easy.

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