Jersey Shore T-Shirt Time!!

I’ve seen two episodes of Jersey Shore and, as much as I hate to admit it, it is a fun show to watch (occasionally). My friends and I turned it on during half-time of the National Championship (which was kind of boring because of the lack of Colt McCoy anyway) and just basked in how ridiculous it is. The stuff that goes on is just…yeah, ridiculous.

I’m surprised it took this long for a Jersey Shore shirt to come out–this is the first one that I’ve seen. It’s basically an explanation on how to dance correctly from the experienced Jersey Shore cast (I think I’m right). You have to beat up the beat and fist pump to really be doing it right. There’s a video to follow explaining it in more detail. But, before that, check out this shirt at none other than Busted Tees. It costs $16 on pre-sale pricing.

Also, Michael Cera as a guido? Hilarious. Completely unrelated to Michael Cera, save 10% at Busted Tees with a coupon.

Two Are Better Than One from Ugmonk

Jeff Sheldon’s (owner of Ugmonk) designs are always¬† so awesomely simple but superbly cool. This one is no exception. He manages to make a giant number two and some text into a t-shirt that I would love to wear. It’s a gift. I also think this is the best colorway for this shirt. The really light blue (I think) on forst looks great.

You can grab this one for $24.00 at Ugmonk. It’s printed on an American Apparel forest shirt. I’m also happy to offer you an Ugmonk coupon, which is hopefully still working. Check out the rest of Jeff’s stuff as well–it’s great.

The Struggle from Miles to Go

Miles to Go puts out some pretty quality stuff. I enjoy how the simplicity of the colors and design can still give off such a strong feeling of…struggle. I would definitely be willing to buy an art print of this and hang it on my wall.

The Struggle is on sale for $15.99 and is printed on American Apparel.

Chareth Cutestory (Arrested Development) from Powerup Apparel

Another Arrested Development reference because I love Arrested Development. Simple enough, eh? This one might be a little more obscure than the others, but again, is very funny (like the others). If you haven’t taken my recommendation to watch Arrested Development by now you probably will continue on that path, but I really do think you should change (watch it!).

This shirt is printed on American Apparel and can be bought for $25 at Powerup Apparel.

Lots and Lots of Posts!!!

Did you notice all the posts? They’re everywhere. They’re overflowing. They’re multiplying at an exponential rate. Pretty soon they’re going to take over the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But seriously. I’m posting a lot more. I’m doing this through a combination of scheduling posts a week in advance and not being lazy. It’s a pretty nasty combo. It really works wonders.

It’s not really a New Years resolution in case anyone was wondering–it’s more of a decision that just happened to coincide with New Years. You may have noticed (I’m sure you did), that this string of posts did not start until January, 3rd.

That is all for this post–I just wanted to inform everyone that I’m back and you can expect many more posts on a daily basis. For real this time. Even if I die after posting this you’ll be getting daily posts until the 15th thanks to the awesomeness of scheduling.

Monsters in my Cortex from Threadless

I’m sad that I missed this, because it’s sold out now. I really like the simple style though, and I think everyone gets the feelings of monsters in the cortex every once in awhile.

Do they ever reprint Threadless Selects? I forget their policy on that. I feel like they don’t, which sucks, because I would like to purchase this shirt. Oh well, live and learn. We can all just look at the pretty picture and envision actually owning the shirt.

Free Robot Sex from Karl Long T-Shirts

I was trying to figure out some witty joke to write, but then I realized this is a shirt about a robot very openly offering free sex, so no further description is necessary. It’s funny though. Especially because, as Karl mentions, most people won’t notice the sign at first glance.

This shirt is also from the Karl of tcritic, which is cool. Real cool. It’s only $18 and is printed on American Apparel.

Atheist Bus Campaign Shirt

I don’t think I would ever wear this shirt in public, just because cramming my views about God (or lack thereof) down people’s throats is just as obnoxious as others cramming their views about God down my throat. That being said, I do find the Atheist Bus Campaign and the controversy around it very interesting. As far as I know the campaign is solely in the UK, and I’m not going to talk about it much here, but if you’re interested, you can check out their website.

And hell, I think the most important part of this shirt is the last two lines. They far eclipse any feelings I have towards the first two.

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