Threadless Teams Up With Twitter

Twitter Tees 300X250 ATwitter Tees 300X250 B

I just got Threadless’ newsletter letting me know about their new collaboration with Twitter, and I must say it’s pretty snazzy. You can link your Twitter account to the new site and automatically submit tweets–it’s real simple. If your tweet gets printed, you win $500. It’s a sweet method of crowd-sourcing, and I’m sure it should produce some good quotes. It’s definitely something I’ll be watching, and you should too. Check it out at Twitter Tees.

Aqua Lion from Full Metal T-Shirt


I got an email from Aubrey from Full Metal T-Shirt awhile ago, and I was planning to write about this shirt, but then…I forgot. Full Metal T-Shirt is a design competition which as churned out some slick stuff, this one being my close favorite so far. I really like the smudged style, and how it looks like a painting (I’m sure there’s more official terminology than that, but hopefully you get the point).

It will run you $25, but they’ve been kind enough to set up a coupon, which will give you 10% off. Just use troundup10 to save 10% on your order. It will be active later tonight. You can also check back to find the latest Full Metal T-Shirt coupons.

Astrobear from Bear Annihilator


How’s this for a company description? I’ll answer before you read it–it’s awesome.

Bear Annihilator Apparel is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality mutant, robotic, oversized and irate-bear related clothing in the world.

They’ve got some sweet designs, this one included, which are on sale right now for only $12. If you’re in to angry bears, or just cool designs I suppose, you should definitely check these guys out.

Midnight Madness Sale at Busted Tees–All Shirts 30-60% Off


I don’t think Busted Tees has had a sale this big in a long time, so jump on it! All shirts 30-60% off until midnight tonight.

Black Dog from 2K by Gingham at Krudmart


It’s kind of outside the usual style of things I post, but I like this offering from 2K by Gingham, conveniantly available at Krudmart. I think it’s cool how the dog just seems to emerge out of the shadows, and how the shadows wrap around the entire shirt. Definitely a neat effect.

It’s somewhat pricey at $32.00, but I think it’s worth it if you’ve got the cash in this economy.

The Invisible Gentleman by Philip Tseng at Threadless

I’m a big fan of this one, The Invisible Gentleman, from Threadless’ latest batch of shirts. It reminds me of Abbot and Costello Meet the Invisible Man, an awesome movie. See below, and then watch it sometime:


It’s printed on American Apparel, which I’ve decided I like better than Threadless’ regular blanks, so that’s a plus. It’ll run you $18 like all Threadless shirts. Check it out here!

Philip Tseng, the artist, has some other great designs that got printed at Threadless, so you should give those a peek too.

PS. Sorry for sucking at updating over the weekends, real life just gets a little time consuming sometimes.

4 — New Shirt of the Week from Rise and Resist (RandR)


Rise and Resist (or RandR, I’m not sure which they prefer) have been pumping out some really great designs every week. Before they were a little hit and miss with me, but now I seem to be getting hit fairly constantly–let’s hope I don’t bruise (sorry about that one, it’s bad, I know). I’m not entirely sure what, or if there even is a background story to this shirt, I just think it looks dang cool.

You can pick it up for $18.00 in either lemon or pomegranate American Apparel at their store. You can also use a RandR coupon to save some money.  Currently, use randr8414 for $5 off until May 10th. There’s a chance that coupon may only work on this design–I’m not sure.

City Eagle from Heavy Rotation (at Palmercash)


I really like the sketched eagle combined with the photograph of the street. In fact, I really like Heavy Rotation’s style in general. In a world where I had infinite money to spend on t-shirts, I would probably buy them all (oh, if only that world existed). But since I can’t, I have to focus on my favorites, one of which is this one.

I’ve linked to it at Palmercash, because it actually appears to be cheaper there. You can also use a Palmercash coupon (updated at that page) to save some money. Check it!

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