Somebody That We Used to Know from Wear Viral

Is this design based on that Gotye video? I’ve never seen it so I genuinely don’t know. I just like this design from Wear Viral for the aesthetics. Cool geometric shapes always get me.

You can buy the shirt from the Wear Viral store for $19.95.

Earth T-Shirt from

Earth T-Shirt ttrinity

If you want to purchase this shirt, I hope you can understand Japanese. With that being said, I didn’t want to let a little language barrier get in the way of posting this design from ttrinity (which I presume is a Japanese clothing company–Google Translate isn’t helping too much).

Anyway, if you want to give it a shot, you can purchase it here. I’m not quite sure what the price is.

Huge 50% Off Sale at I Love Waterloo

Waterloo Sale

I just saw on Facebook that I Love Waterloo is holding a 50% off sale on their entire collection of great pop culture inspired designs. In the past, I’ve written about their awesome Life Aquatic Zissou shirt, and they have a ton of other solid t-shirts as well.

I don’t see an end date to the sale, but I wouldn’t wait too long. You can head over to their store by going here.

Finally a Glass T-Shirt Frame from Umbra

Umbra T-Shirt Frame

As a guy with a closet brimming full of t-shirts that I love the design of (but rarely ever wear); this is a godsend. Umbra is now selling a glass t-shirt display frame (for the past four months as well–I’m just slow to the punch). The frame is the “Pratt 2012 winner of the Umbra Designer Competition,” and it’s pretty dang slick. The geometry of the frame itself is perfect–I love the way it looks. It also should fit pretty much any t-shirt design, barring one of those full t-shirt all-over prints.

Unfortunately, they’re a little pricey at $40.00, so I won’t be framing my whole collection anytime soon. But, in the right design scheme, they could make a really cool wall-feature. You can get the frame in both black and white. Thanks, Umbra, for solving a problem I’ve always wanted solved.

P.S. Umbra has a nice, short video if you’re wondering how one would actually go about putting a t-shirt in the frame.

Peter Panda T-Shirt from Design by Humans

Peter Panda T-Shirt DBHPeter Panda Shirt DBH

The artist behind this shirt, biotwist, fully recognizes that this shirt is a bad pun. A bad pun doesn’t equal a bad t-shirt–which is why I chuckled at this design so much. Sure, it makes no sense–but it’s still a panda dressed as Peter Pan.

You can buy the design for $24.00 at the Design by Humans store. I also have a page with some Design by Humans coupons to save you a bit.

Game Over T-Shirt from Boy Poker

Predator T-Shirt Boy Paker

I dig this new Predator inspired release from Jack Teague at Boy Parker. The style of the illustration is great, and the Game Over text makes me chuckle a bit. Also, it looks like the Predator is bowling with the skull, which I like (though I’m not sure if that’s intended).

You can buy this shirt from the Boy Parker store for 26.50 pounds. Credit to Andy for me learning about this shirt.

Drive 88 MPH T-Shirt from 604 Republic

Back to the Future Drive Shirt

Once again, 604 Republic pulls off a masterful combination of two pieces of pop culture. This time it’s “Drive” (OMG Ryan Gosling!) and Back to the Future.

You can buy the shirt from 604 Republic’s store, and you should be able to save 10% with this coupon (as far as I know it’s still active), bringing the price down from $24.00 to $21.60.

The T-Shirt Culture Index

This is not a t-shirt, per se. But, it’s pretty funny and accurate (well…as accurate as humorous stereotypes can be), so I wanted to share. It’s about 10 months old, so I guess I’m behind the times. I just saw it on the TShirt Reddit though. I’ve posted a portion below–you can check out the full T-Shirt Culture Index right here.

T-Shirt Culture Index

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