Otter-Tude from ReThink Clothing


Yay for random, quirky shirts–they rock. I’m not quite sure what I can say about this shirt other than that I like it and it’s totally badass. Grab it at ReThink Clothing.

Lame name??? Maybe, but say that to this otter. Yeah, I am sick of those pansy animals, so to bring in the new year I bring on this cigar smoking, helmet wearing, no Bull-shit Otter.

Unnamed Shirt from Circlesandsquares


As far as I can tell, this shirt doesn’t have an official name, but the design caught my eye when I was searching through some Etsy stuff. At first I couldn’t see what the bomber was dropping, but on closer inspection, it turns out to be dropping deer into the forest.

I think it’s a pretty unique take on the whole “dropping bombs” thing, and maybe the world would be a better place if we parachuted animals in instead of dropping explosives. You can grab it on American Apparel at circlesandsquares’ Etsy shop.

Design by Humans’ Gets A Site Upgrade

Design by Humans new design

I never had any problems with Design by Humans‘ site before, but I will say that I like the changes they’ve made. They’ve pretty much redone everything, and I’ve yet to find a change that I don’t like. I’d say my favorite upgrade is to their product photos. With the new design, they’ve got much better product shots, with much better angles, so you can really get a feel for how the shirt will look on an actual person. Kudos to Design by Humans.

Also, I’ve still got that whole Design by Humans coupon thing running if anyone wants to save money, I try to keep it updated whenever I find a working code.

Drippin Dots Tee from Killbrand

drippin_dots_mens_model_2_large killbranddrippin_dots_mens_model_1_large killbrand

I wish I could get some higher resolution shots of this shirt, but, from what I can see, it looks pretty sweet. It has a bit of that “paint thrown on a shirt” look, but I think that definitely works for this design, and it still looks great. Until Valentine’s Day, you should be able to get 25% off your order by using the code “KB<3YOU. Check it out at Killbrand.

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica from Doubletake Clothing

The Office ShirtThe Office

I featured a bunch of shirts from The Office before, but this one is definitely my favorite. It goes deeper than an obvious reference–it’s something only a true fan would pick up. The shirt is referencing a quote from Jim. I’ve included a video from the show if you need a refresher, but, they’re basically Dwight’s three favorite things–bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica.

I was actually going to write about this shirt today anyway, but I was lucky enough to get an email from Craig, the owner of Doubletake Clothing, giving me some background about the company and a 20% coupon code before I made the post. Like some other companies, Doubletake also dedicates a portion of their proceeds to charity. 25% of the money they make goes into a community fund, which they will spend on worthy and creative causes–it’s a pretty sweet gig. So check out the shirts, use the code “roundup20” for 20% off your order, and help out some charitable causes. Video for your viewing pleasure, and sorry if this post seems somewhat disjointed, Colin is a wee bit tired, and speaking in third person apparently:

The Michael Phelps Pot Debacle in T-Shirt Form

Michael Phelps Shirt Pot

Personally, I think people should lay off Mike–he works hard enough, he should be able to relax a little, and he seems like a good guy. But, if you wanna sport some shirts for your favorite pot-smoking Olympian, check out these two from Tee Shirt Bodega. The one on the left is my personal favorite.

New Release from Linty Fresh – Dr K’s Chemistry

Linty FreshLinty Fresh Glow in the Dark

Linty Fresh is a company that I like but I’ve never really written about, except for waaaay back in 2007. With this post, I plan to change that. Eric’s (the owner of Linty Fresh) new release for February is awesomely creative and cool. It’s definitely one of the better uses of glow in the dark ink I’ve seen. I wish we could see the actual shirt glowing in the dark, but I understand that could be a difficult shot to take. That being said, I did hear from Eric’s ustream videos that the shirt is very bright, so not glowing shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m definitely debating picking this one up–the only thing holding me back is my already full closet of shirts. It runs $22 on American Apparel. Grab it at the Linty Fresh store.

CommonThreadz — Charity Shirts by African Orphans


CommonThreadz is a pretty awesome idea for a charity. Each shirt is designed by an African orphan, and each shirt that is sold allows them to house one orphan for one month. You can get some cool shirts and help out a great cause at the same time. I’ve quoted the email below for more details:

Hello, I hope all is well with you. I’m just contacting you about possible blog worthy news. We recently launched a new series of t-shirts called The Orphan Collection. All the shirts are designed by orphans in Africa (pics of them are on the site) and we are able to feed an orphan for 1 month for each t-shirt sold, which is awesome. I think this is a really unique product line and a creative way for orphans themselves to participate in providing sustainable change for the better in their lives.

Check it out and hopefully you think it would be good for your blog. We certainly need some good press so it is much appreciated!


Also, each shipping package now includes 1) the name of the orphan that we are able to buy a school uniform / feed for a month because of their purchase & 2) a special code that will allow them to view & interact with that child’s online profile, complete with continually updated photos, videos, messages and more.

They are a register charity incase anyone is wondering.

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