Top Five Obama Shirts

The Pennsylvania primary is right around the corner, and this year it actually means something, so we’re seeing tons of political ads everywhere. Hence, I thought it would be appropriate to take this time to make a list of the best Obama (he’s who I’m leaning towards right now) shirts out there. The goal of this is to find political shirts that don’t…suck. So, hopefully you enjoy. In no particular order…


We’ll start off with this one from American Pig Brand, whose goal with this design was to create a good looking, urban Obama shirt. I think they succeeded. It costs $24.99 and is printed on American Apparel.


This one takes a little more humorous route, while still still being a good design. It costs $17.99 and is printed on American Apparel. For every shirt bought $1 is donated to the Obama campaign.


This is another one from American Pig Brand. To be honest, they probably have the best Obama shirts out there. Again, this one will run you $24.99 and is printed on American Apparel.


This one is simple, but nonetheless an excellent design. The blue spatter takes it from being boring to good looking. The cost on this one varies depending on what type of shirt you get it printed on.


Lastly, no list of Obama shirts would be complete without the “Barak Obama is my Homeboy” shirt. This one seems to be very popular. I like it, i just prefer the American Pig Brand designs above. This one also varies depending on configuration.

Ghost T-Shirt from Poketo! Apparel

Ogi says, “I layered drawings and scribbles. Happy deaths?” Huh?

I like the layers of drawing and scribbles – it makes for a cool shirt and some extra scary ghosts (not entirely). The sketch’y style is perfect for this design. I believe Poketo! prints on American Apparel shirts. This one comes on navy and will cost you $28. Check it out at Poketo! Apparel.

Also, this isn’t a t-shirt, but I noticed they have an excellent selection of wallets. So if you’re looking for a new wallet, check out their wallet section – you won’t be dissapointed (at least I wasn’t).

Big Foot from Inkbath

Inkbath just recently became an advertiser on my site, so I thought I would help support them by throwing up this post of their Big Foot t-shirt. It’s just a tad on the quirky side, but I view that as a good thing. Check it out at Inkbath.

Introducing T-Shirt Monster

T-Shirt Monster

T-shirt Monster was created with the goal of giving designers the ability to sell their shirts without having to stock inventory. However, despite being an on-demand printer, they also focus on quality (which is something I’ve seen some other sites lacking in). From their site:

As an on-demand T-shirt printer, we take printing seriously. Each and every T-Shirt we print is done with the utmost care, hand folded and quality inspected before being shipped to your door.

The cool thing is they also feature a (high paying) design competition. Their competition runs monthly, with the design being chosen by the community (ala Threadless and Design by Humans). The prizes are $1,000 cash, a $500 gift certificate, and $2 every time one of your shirts is sold. The design is also placed in their hall of fame, which can boost your sales, and subsequently royalties. This months contest is set to end March 31st, so it may be too late. However, theres always the contest for April.

I just thought it was interesting how they’ve kind of made a hybrid between being an on-demand printer and having a design competition. Maybe it’s been done, but this is the first time I’ve seen it, so it caught my eye. Be sure to check them out at T-Shirt Monster.

Oh, and check out this design too :)

T-Shirt Monster

Spring-ATRON R.E.S.U.B. from Shirt.Woot


I’m usually not up late enough to post about Shirt.Woot tees in time for people to actually buy them. But, today I didn’t feel like going to sleep, so you all get to benefit. This quirky, spring themed shirt is the 2nd place shirt from this weekends Derby and it’s only $10 with free shipping (and printed on American Apparel). Check it out at Shirt.Woot.

Destroyer from Beautiful/Decay


Beautiful/Decay has a great collection of tees. I believe most of them come from other designers (this one is by To Die For), but they only pick the best of the bunch. This one is kind of morbid, but I definitely like it. I think it would also look great as some type of wall art. This one costs $29.95 and can be bought at Beautiful/Decay.

Out to Sea from PopJunkie is on sale

 Out to Sea T-Shirtout-to-sea-tshirt1.jpg

This shirt got a lot of well deserved press back around January. I was just looking around PopJunkie today and I noticed that it was now on sale. Given that it seemed to be a popular shirt, I just thought I’d stop in to let people know that right now it is on sale for $25, as compared to the usual $35. Saving $10 ain’t bad. You can buy it by going to PopJunkie. Also, if you like their other shirts, I think right now pretty much all of them are on sale.

Intergalactic Friends from Team Space Pirate

This is another shirt I got sent awhile ago that I have yet to post up.

Team Space Pirate is a “new type of visual art project bringing together a vision and people”. They make their shirts through the process of Doodlism, at least as far as I can tell. I’m not sure if Doodlism is an official term or something they created (I’m not an art person), but here’s the description from their site:

It’s art that has been created through self-manifestation. True art is here for every one of us, and we all have the ability to create. Doodlism is a spirituality-based art form. The art form is completely improvisational and has nothing to do skill. Through the process itself, and the passage of time one true style is developed. Every step of the journey is a positive experience. There is a feeling self-empowerment when looking back and watching your style develop and seeing personal growth. In Doodlism, if you are trying too hard to create, you have left the main principal of the art form. When you draw, you simply draw. When you paint, you simply paint.

The technique leads to a very original style for their shirts, which I find to be a good thing.


Above is the shirt they sent me. I had to use product pictures again because of my camera. You can definitely see the Doodlism coming through in the design. This is also another design with tons of detail. It may just look like an alien and his friend, but if you look closely at their bodies you can see tons of individual designs. The level of detail is just amazing.

Team Space Pirate prints their shirts on American Apparel and Intergalactic Friends can be had for $24.99

Radical Rambunction from Thriving Ink

Thriving Ink sent me this shirt awhile ago, and I feel bad for not getting this review up earlier, I just lost track of this one (and another) with the whole Ireland thing. But, I’ve found it now, so you won’t miss out. Score!

First off, Thriving Ink seems like a pretty cool company. They specialize in “urban and metro sportswear”, and I recommend you read their mission statement. I like most of their designs – they’ve got a great style. It reminds me somewhat of Imaginary Foundation in some aspects (not that they’re the same, i just see similarities between the two).

The shirt they sent me came in a custom mailing envelope and was packed full of extras. Included were stickers, a spring 08 collection brochure, and even a poster. For me, the throw-ins show the company is going the extra mile.

Now on to the actual shirt – my camera seemed to be turning out blurry pictures which didn’t give the design justice, so I’m just going to use Thriving Ink’s stock pictures.


The design has so much going on – the level of detail is really amazing. There’s an old man, there’s monsters – you really just need to look at it to see everything. That being said, I think that it also looks good from far away, even if you can’t see all the detail. So a definite win-win.

They print their tees on American Apparel, with custom printed tags (they cut out the AA tags and print their own, similar to Threadless). Radical Rambunction can be had for $19.95.

A Quick Update to Torso Pants – $8 off

With my post yesterday about Torso Pants I forgot to mention part of their opening promotion. If you sign up as a member of the Church of Torso Pants (pretty much a regular member account) they’ll give you $8 (in the form of “Torso Washingtons”) off your first shirt. So you can snag a shirt for $10. They also have private shirts that are only for members. Also, like Threadless, you can earn more “Torso Washingtons” for referring friends and submitting pictures.