Bolt of Inspiration from Imaginary Foundation

Imaginary FoundationImaginary Foundation

Here comes another winner from Imaginary Foundation. This one is definitely one of the coolest lightning bolt tees I’ve seen (there seem to be a growing number of these). The colors used are just awesome; I think they especially pop out on the white. You can pick it up for $30 at Imaginary Foundation.

Broadband Ruined my Life


I wouldn’t say broadband has ruined my life, it’s just made the Internet take up an inordinate amount of my time. Curse you Digg and looking for t-shirts! I should read more, because I have a huge stack of books waiting for me, and I just bought 5 more today. But, I digress. You can pick this shirt up for $37 (bummer on the exchange rate) at Yes No Maybe.

Raining Rainbows from Baroke Clothing

Raining Rainbows Baroke Clothing

Yay for Rumplo introducing me to brands I’ve never seen before. Baroke (not Barack) Clothing have some sweet designs. I’d say this one is my favorite, but just by the teensiest bit. I think the pixelated cloud is what makes it for me. Go check out all their shirts at the store, just be ready to scroll to the right. This one will run you $25 and comes in any of the above colors.

Finger Print ID from Regal Clothing


I just got an email from Darren about his new shop Regal Clothing. I skimmed through the designs and this one stood out to me. I love the whole finger print on a shirt thing, I just wish I could read what it says. Maybe Darren come come enlighten us? We’ll see.

You can also use coupon code “IHEARTREGAL” to get 10% off your order. Check it out at Regal Clothing.

Get Ready for the Obama Inauguration…


…with shirts from Squared Shop. They’ve got one of the better Obama shirts I’ve seen. It’s clean and simple, but still good looking. If you’re one of the quadrillions of people going down to D.C., I think there’s still time to get your shirt.

Check them out at Squared Shop.

The World is Yours from Print Liberation


I thought I’d start off the year with something inspirational from Print Liberation. The world is yours, so make it the best it can be. Happy New Years everyone!

Smile the world is yours!

Big Fun from comaandcotton


I’m back! Kind of, it’s been hard to motivate myself over vacation. But everyone have fun on New Years, and if you had bought this shirt before, you could let everyone know just how much fun you are.

Stuff Your Stocking With Free Gifts from RANDR


The holidays have left me feeling a little lazy. Hence, I’ll let you read the email I got from Even over at RANDR–it’s a pretty cool giveaway.

In celebration of the gift giving spirit, this Christmas, we’ll be stuffing stockings with all different designs of our tees and sending them out to tons of our mailing list members at random completely free on Christmas Day.

This is just our way of saying thank you for your support as a mailing list member of RANDR because we feel giving is better than receiving!

There’s still time to be taken off the naughty list, so if you haven’t yet signed up or know somebody who hasn’t signed up, we’d love it if you would hop over to any of our blogs or website and register your email for the mailing list, it only takes a minute!

So make sure and sign up before it’s too late, and help us spread some holiday cheer this season!

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