Buy 1 Get 1 Free at The T-Shirt Gang

The title is not a typo, it is indeed buy 1 get 1 free. So essentially it’s two for the price of one until November 30th. Just use the coupon code “THANKS” at checkout to get the discount.

In Full Swing from Fullbleed

I should have written about this shirt a long time ago. It’s one of my favorite designs, which for some reason I don’t own. I need to get on rectifying that. If you haven’t checked Fullbleed out before, I definitely recommend you give them a gander. All their shirts are awesome, and unique designs. They’re all printed on American Apparel too. Check it!

28% off at Collar Free

Through November 29th, Collar Free is offering 28% off all their shirts due to their owner’s 28% birthday. Happy birthday, Jimmy! Just use the code “28on28” to get your discount.

Vintage Vantage are Some Creative Folks

I bought this shirt because it's Blue Tuesday.

Instead of having just a Black Friday, Vintage Vantage is having an entire week of colors. Yesterday was White Monday, today is Blue Tuesday, and so on. Since today is blue tuesday, all blue shirts are on sale for $12, which when combined with a coupon, is really cheap. Read their email:

So you know how this Friday is Black Friday… so we got to thinking and we thought, hey, we’ve been making all these fun black shirts recently, wouldn’t it be neat if we put them all on sale for Black Friday. But then we thought that wasn’t fair to all of our other non-black shirts, so we invented four new holidays – White Monday, Blue Tuesday, Red Wednesday, and Thanksgiving.

If you’re wondering, pink counts as red, grey counts as black, and Thanksgiving is yellow because of all the maize.

Vintage Vantage

My Favorite Bounty Hunter is Boba Fett

I always thought Boba Fett was one of the best Star Wars character. He kicked tons of ass (and also could spit some mean rhymes), kind of like this shirt. It’s clean, simple, and to the point. I likes it. Also, it’s printed on American Apparel’s tri-blend shirt, which is heavenly soft. It’ll cost you $23.00 on Etsy.

Fresh Tee Mondays Episode 1

Have you ever noticed pretty much every company out there releases new t-shirts on Monday? Writing about all of these separately gets kind of old, so I figured I would lump these together into one category, which I will call “Fresh Tee Mondays”.

Today, we have offerings from Threadless, Uneetee, Local Celebrity, and Snorg Tees (not necessarily in that order). That sounds like a lot – time to get started.

The one, creatively titled “Pirates with Cannons”, is from Snorg Tees. It made me lol, and therefore makes the list. For this week, it’s only $13.95 on American Apparel.

The next one, “The Predator”, hails from Uneetee. The black is definitely my favorite, looks totally awesome. It’ll run you $12 on American Apparel. Save some money here with a Uneetee coupon code.

Next we’ll hop over to Local Celebrity with “Have a Gangsta Day”. It’s $20 for today only, after that it bumps up to $25. Don’t forget about the 20% off coupon though.

Finally, we’ll end with a few Threadless tees I like:
Music Business Remastered - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Day Of Reckoning - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

So, what do you guys think? Do you like this format? Should I continue doing it? Let me know in the comments.

Holiday Sale Begins at Threadless

Today marks the beginning of Threadless’ annual holiday sale. You can pick up tons of Threadless shirts starting at the low price of $5. The standard discount seems to be from $18 to $15, which is nice given their new pricing structure. Still, I find myself yearning for the days when a sale meant newly released shirts for only $12.

Rad Fang from Threadless Select Series

I just featured the badasswolfshirt from Anti-Clothes, so here’s another bad ass wolf shirt, just with a slightly different style. It’s called Rad-Fang, and it is indeed very rad. This one is going into my shopping cart. It’ll run you $25 over at Threadless. Remember about Threadless coupons.

PS. What do you guys think of Threadless’ decision to split their line up into 3 sites? Love it? Hate it? Don’t care? Let me know in a comment.

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