Bird Riding a Bike as Worn by Zachary Quinto

I don’t really know who Zachary Quinto is, but I really like this shirt. Also, unfortunately I don’t know where to buy this shirt/what it’s actually called. If anyone knows, I would much appreciate finding out the answer.

I’m debating featuring more celebrities wearing shirts occasionally. This for two reasons. First off, celebrities wear pretty cool shirts sometimes. Secondly, celebrity posts can bring in a ton of traffic, which is good for everyone, as it gives me more opportunities to make the blog cooler.

Slayer2000 from Homeroom Clothing

I don’t know why this one caught my eye (I rhyme), as it’s seemingly just a random pattern of swipes, but it looks pretty damn cool. You can get it on other colors which also look equally cool, this one was just my favorite. It will run you $32 at HomeRoom Clothing.

The HomeRoom camp busts out another abstract piece for the faithful, cause all previous 8,999 versions are now sold out.

This shirt is a combed 100% cotton 6 ounce tee. The print is water based, with the HomeRoom logo printed in 3M reflective ink on the back.

Badass Wolf Shirt from Anti-Clothes

Sometimes pink is truly the right color for a shirt – I believe this is one of those times. Grab it on American Apparel for the incredibly low price of $9.95 over at Anti-Clothes. I have no idea how they manage to sell their shirts this cheap and still make a profit, but I’m not going to complain.

Free Shipping at Busted Tees

From now until Thanksgiving Busted Tees is shipping everything for the awesome price of $0. This means that now is the time to order, especially if you only have one tee you’ve been looking at (paying $4 to ship one tee vs $6 to ship 4 always makes me cry). You can bring down the cost of shirts another 10% with a coupon.

Alsation Shirt from Lazy Oaf

I just got an email from Jerry about Lazy Oaf. I checked them out, and I must say that their design style is quite awesome. All their shirts are great, I just chose this one because it was the first to catch my eye.

As the site says, “not only do German Shepherds make the best guard dogs, but they also happen to look rather dashing in pink aviators.” It’s definitely a true statement. Grab this one for 25 pounds over at Lazy Oaf.

Lazy Oaf is famous for it’s bright pop graphic T-shirts, reversible sweats and accessories collections. The company is driven by illustration, graphics, drawing, and fuelled by tea, hamburgers and Brian Blessed’s knarley foot. The Oaf’s have often contributed to print projects, exhibitions and events.

This East London based creative label was started by Gemma Shiel back in 2001 with hand screen printed tee’s and a market stall in East London, skip to the present and lazy Oaf is available in over 150 stockists worldwide. 2004 saw the opening of the lazy oaf store in Soho which houses all of the collections and further Oaf oddities sourced from Japan and the US.

Vintage Vantage Featured on Flight of the Conchords

Vintage Vantage’s “Strictly for my Ninjas” shirt has been spotted on the hilariously awesome Flight of the Conchords. I’m glad the musically gifted duo are also gifted with good taste in t-shirts. If you haven’t seen Flight of the Conchords, I recommend you check a few episodes out. You can clicky the previous link to get a taste.

Also, don’t forget about Vintage Vantage coupons and their new, lowly priced $17.50 shirts.

Retro Skull Shirt from Cutthroat Clothing

Usually I’m not a big fan of skull shirts, despite them being quite the rage. However, this is not your usual human skull, it’s some type of kickass animal as far as i can see. It’s also replete with some awesome colors and geometry to fill out the package. You can grab it on American Apparel for $22 at Cutthroat Clothing.

Also, you can get a discount (i’m not sure how much) by using the code “cereal“.

Thunderfrogs Anniversary T-Shirt Giveaway

Thunderfrogs has turned 1, and as such, Andy is giving away one shirt from Color Overload, and one shirt from the recently featured Found Item Clothing. Check out his blog post to enter.

(You’ll understand the significance of this picture if you check out the contest).

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