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I realize I haven’t posted in awhile. I’m going to try to change that that in the coming days. However, I will be making some changes. I’m not going to write very much about the shirts. I feel like I’m just stating the obvious. Instead, I’ll just pick shirts I like an post up the essential details. Look for updates soon.

 Also, if anyone previously sent me an email, it’s probably long lost in my inbox. So, if it’s important, it would be great if it could be resent.

If You Want To Destroy My Chainmail T-Shirt


This is probably my favorite Shirt.Woot shirt so far. I guess you have to like Weezer, but it comes from their song Undone.

“If you want to destroy my sweater
Hold this thread as I walk away
Watch me unravel, I’ll soon be naked
Lying on the floor (lying on the floor)
I’ve come undone “

It only costs $10 and is printed on American Apparel.

Price: $10.00 | Shirt.Woot

Dirty Microbe Scam

It appears one my previously favorite companies has gone bad. Dirty Microbe doesn’t seem to be sending out orders or responding to customer service emails, although they remain perfectly happy to charge credit cards and accept orders. A bunch of people are still waiting on shirts, and I’m personally out $75 in affiliate earnings they owe me, so I can only hope they come back and deal with this mess. Unfortunately, I doubt there’s much chance of that happening. As it as now, I strongly recommend you do NOT order anything from Dirty Microbe

Cube One T-Shirt, Derby Winner at Shirt.Woot


The first winner of the derby has been posted over at shirt.woot, and I must say, I like it quite a bit. This is the first shirt.woot tee I’ve actually ended up buying – you can’t beat $10 for an American Apparel shirt.

Price: $10.00 | Shirt.Woot


I’ll be on vacation until August 2nd, so it’s doubtful if I will be able to update the site at all.  See everyone Wednesday! (I think, unless my dates are wrong).

Malfoy is a Douche Bag T-Shirt from Cottonwerks


This probably should have been featured in the top Harry Potter shirts, but, given that I was trying to keep them actually serious, it got left out. Nevertheless, be sure to let everyone know what you think of good ole’ Draco with this design from Cottonwerks printed on an egg-plant American Apparel tee.

Price: $18.00 | Cottonwerks

Kameraflage – Images Only Visible to Digital Cameras


Kameraflage allows images to be printed on t-shirts (or other stuff) that are only visible by a digital camera. It works by using colors that are invisible to humans but easily picked up by the silicon chips in digital cameras.

While it wouldn’t serve a huge practical purpose, I can see designers doing some cool stuff with this. I don’t know how it would be printed, but I assume it’s pretty straight forward.

via Gizmodo

Top 6 Harry Potter T-Shirts

Despite the immense popularity of Harry Potter, I found it remarkably difficult to find any good looking Harry Potter t-shirts. But, after a little look around, I came up with these six (in no particular order), which are my definite favorites. Click the image to go to the product page.


I know it’s long sleeved, but this is one of favorites out there. I love the texture on the actual shirt, the design, and the fact that the shirt is about Durmstrang (which I think kick ass).


This is another one where the t-shirt has an excellent texture. It’s also got one of the best Gryffindor logos I’ve seen on a t-shirt.


This is another Gyffindor crest that I really like. I especially like this one because of the faded lion in the background, which gives the shirt some extra life.


A nice version of the Hogwarts crest on a Burgundy tee, not much more to say than that. It does it’s job and it does it well. The Hogwarts crest is inherently cool in my opinion (or maybe that’s just true among geeks).


There were a lot of Dumbledore’s Army t-shirts, but I felt this one did the best job . The distressed pictures in the background spruce up the shirt and make it stand out amongst the other tees which just had the DA logo and nothing else.


Lastly, a t-shirt sporting one of the various educational decrees put into effect by Delore’s Umbridge. Wear this shirt and then explain to all your friends how horrible Delore’s really is.

If there are any other good Harry Potter shirts I missed, I’d love to hear about them in a comment.

Threat Level: Doctorow from Shirt.Woot


I like the shirt, it gave me a good laugh. I just not sure if I can see myself wearing it. Still, it’s definitely worth checking out the latest Shirt.Woot offering.

A bit of the description from the site,

Wear this shirt to: reassure your fellow citizens with a message of anxiety and suspicion.

Don’t wear this shirt to: an airport security checkpoint, or anywhere near a secure federal installation.

This shirt tells the world: “In paranoia we trust.”

Price: $10.00 (later it becomes $15.00) | Shirt.Woot

Daisy Buddha T-Shirt from Lotus


Above is the Daisy Buddha t-shirt from Lotus (who I believe is a band) that is being sold through Social Propaganda. There’s quite a bit of detail in the design, which I think is one of the reasons I really like it. The yellow t-shirt wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s not to bad for the design. If you’re a lady, you get lucky and yours is printed on blue, which I much prefer over the yellow.

Price: $17.00 | Social Propaganda – Men | Women

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