All The T-Shirts Erlich Wore in Silicon Valley (And Where to Buy Them)

In addition to his overall antics, Erlich Bachman from Silicon Valley is known for sporting a bevy of neat t-shirt designs. He knows How to Meet Ladies, he’s studied Nintendium on the periodic table of elements, he reps the floppy...

/ April 26, 2017

Slothzilla – A Hilarious Sloth King Kong T-Shirt from Sharp Shirter

Is there anything funnier than a giant Sloth attacking the Empire State Building King Kong style? You can probably come up with some ideas, but I’m struggling right now. This shirt is absolutely bizarre…but yet I need it on my...

/ April 22, 2017
Bar Rescue t-shirt Jon Taffer shut it down

Jon Taffer Bar Rescue “Shut It Down” T-Shirt

I’ve been watching a lot of Bar Rescue episodes lately. Something about the show is addicting to me. I know it may be fake, or at the very least heavily staged, but something about watching Jon Taffer scream “shut it...

/ March 13, 2017

Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off at Headline Shirts

From now until Monday, Headline Shirts is running a selfish Valentine’s day sale. What does this mean for you? All shirts are buy one, get one half off. I assume the fact that it’s just one shirt is the selfish...

/ February 13, 2016

Shakespeare Collection from Out of Print Clothing

This new line from Out of Print Clothing is sure to be a hit with members of highschool English classes across the country. Out of Print Clothing just released a Shakespeare line of t-shirts and totes. I confess I do not...

/ February 10, 2016

Tacos from Above T-Shirt from Goodie Two Sleeves

I love this shirt. For the longest time, my Facebook cover photo was this classic scene from Arrested Development (until I had to change it because all my Vietnamese friends thought it was me): I liked it in Arrested Development,...

/ February 7, 2016

Merry Crustmas T-Shirt from Cotton Bureau

I know it’s a little too early for Christmas t-shirts, but this one involves pizza, so I think it’s ok to make an exception. You can pick up Merry Crustmas for ~$27.00 at the Cotton Bureau store.

/ November 23, 2015

Iowa Sweet Corn on the Cob T-Shirt from BTangible

This is how you do an allover print, folks. It might be a little corny (I’m sorry!), but it’s beautiful and quirky in just the right way. Brady created BTangible ~two years ago when he was 17, and it’s developed...

/ November 19, 2015

The Red Cup from Teefury — Starbucks “Controversy”

I’m pretty isolated from whatever this Starbucks “Controversy” was, but I have heard a bit. I’ve heard enough to know that it sounds entirely comical. That’s why I wish Starbucks would take advice from Florey and incorporate the demonic Mermaid...

/ November 14, 2015

Grain Storage Pyramid T-Shirt from Teach the Controversy

This shirt is quite topical for the US political season. I confess I’m a bit out of the loop, but I did manage to hear about Ben Carson’s genius explanation of pyramids, even in Vietnam. Teach the Controversy from the...

/ November 11, 2015

Hold My Beer T-Shirt from Cotton Bureau

The universal words shouted before one does something incredibly stupid. “Hold My Beer” is partially responsible for the success of a little entity called YouTube. If this were just plain text, I would never post it. But, I think the...

/ November 11, 2015

Calcium is Good T-Shirt from Society 6

This is a pretty sweet use of an all-over print. I love this design. Something about the slight creepiness mixed with the detail of the milk spraying up tickles my aesthetic sense. It gets the troundup thumbs up. You can...

/ November 9, 2015