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Fresh Tee Mondays Episode 1

Have you ever noticed pretty much every company out there releases new t-shirts on Monday? Writing about all of these separately gets kind of old, so I figured I would lump these together into one category, which I will call “Fresh Tee Mondays”.

Today, we have offerings from Threadless, Uneetee, Local Celebrity, and Snorg Tees (not necessarily in that order). That sounds like a lot – time to get started.

The one, creatively titled “Pirates with Cannons”, is from Snorg Tees. It made me lol, and therefore makes the list. For this week, it’s only $13.95 on American Apparel.

The next one, “The Predator”, hails from Uneetee. The black is definitely my favorite, looks totally awesome. It’ll run you $12 on American Apparel. Save some money here with a Uneetee coupon code.

Next we’ll hop over to Local Celebrity with “Have a Gangsta Day”. It’s $20 for today only, after that it bumps up to $25. Don’t forget about the 20% off coupon though.

Finally, we’ll end with a few Threadless tees I like:
Music Business Remastered - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Day Of Reckoning - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

So, what do you guys think? Do you like this format? Should I continue doing it? Let me know in the comments.