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Like their name suggests, 6 Dollar Shirts sell some of the absolute cheapest shirts on the Internet. All their shirts are, yes, you guessed it, only 6 dollars. This is ridiculously cheap, especially when compared to many of their competitors. To get similarly themed shirts from other companies would cost you $15-$20 a shirt, so $6 is just a ridiculous bargain. So how does 6 Dollar Shirts make money, then, if their shirts are so cheap? The answer is in the huge volume that they sell. Also, the shirts are not always the best quality. But, for only $6 a shirt, you shouldn’t be expecting perfect prints or the highest quality blank t-shirts. 6 Dollar Shirts sell perfectly wearable shirts with often very funny and cool designs. You may not be getting the absolute best quality t-shirt, but for it being 1/3 or 1/4 the price of similar t-shirt brands, 6 Dollar Shirts is truly an incredible deal.

6 Dollar Shirts coupon

6 Dollar Shirts was founded a few years ago by a group of printers with over 30 years of combined experience (yes, that’s over thirty years). These people know printing, and they use that knowledge to provide you with their incredibly cheap t-shirts. Their founding mission was to provide quality t-shirts and designs at the lowest price possible. I think they’ve come pretty dang close to achieving that, as six dollar shirts are just crazy.

6 Dollar Shirts feature an incredible variety of t-shirts, too. You’re not limited to just a few t-shirts. Rather, you can find almost anything you want at the 6 Dollar Shirts store. They have a bunch of funny t-shirts, as well as sports, offensive, and nerdy shirts (among many others). They also feature topical shirts, of which the biggest example is their huge collection of St. Paddy’s Day shirts. You can buy a shirt that you will only wear once a year and not feel bad about it, as it only cost you six dollars. Essentially, you can find almost any t-shirt you want at 6 Dollar Shirts fairly extensive t-shirt store.

In case six dollar shirts weren’t quite cheap enough for you, they also offer a discounted pack of 10 shirts. If you buy 10 shirts, 6 Dollar Shirts knocks the price down even further to only $5.00 a shirt. Yes, you pay only $50 for a whopping ten shirts. I haven’t found any other t-shirt company that can equal that value. Once again, to achieve such low prices, you are sacrificing quality. But, if you’re tight on money, that might just be a sacrifice worth making. They also sell random t-shirts from their stock for only $2.50, which is another great way to get cheap shirts.

I’m now gonna blow your mind even further by telling you that you can save even more with a 6 Dollar Shirts coupon. Yes, if you check back to this page I will do my best to keep it updated with the latest coupon code to help you save even more money. Just bookmark this page or check back before you order and we’ll hook you up with any recent coupons. You won’t find graphic t-shirts any cheaper than this, folks!

If you made it all the way down here check out this cool promo video from 6 Dollar Shirts. The video features both Charlie Sheen and Rebecca Black, so you know it’s good.


  1. yeah for skinny peeps, shirts for xxl and up are 9 bucks? wuddup with that? i thought ALL shirts are 6 bucks?

  2. Larry Love the Brony August 8, 2011 at 2:26 PM

    If you add shipping and handling, it costs more than most stores, so its not that good of a deal.

  3. Really? I know their shipping and handling is a little higher than some other stores, but I still think 6 Dollar Shirts’ prices are pretty unbeatable.

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