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I find myself turning to Alternative Apparel more and more for my blank t-shirt needs. Their shirts are the softest and most comfortable I’ve been able to find–even more comfortable than American Apparel’s stuff. They’ve also got great cuts and fits–none of American Apparel’s super long torso stuff going on, these shirts fit right. Alternative Apparel’s shirts are kind of “drapey” though, so they tend to fit better on thinner people in my opinion. Their shirts aren’t like those boxy cuts from Gildan and other brands–they’re thin, soft, and awesome. While I like that aspect, I understand that some people prefer thicker and more structured shirts, so Alternative Apparel may not be for everyone.

I also love how thin some of their shirts are (take the Perfect Tee, AA4540, for example). They’re great for lounging around on warm days. It feels like silk against your skin. That being said, they don’t offer a lot of warmth on cold days. I definitely view a lot of their stuff as more “summer wear”.

Basically, Alternative Apparel has won my heart in regards to blank t-shirts. My only gripe is that their colors do not compete with American Apparel at all. For this reason, I find myself still buying some American Apparel stuff. I need my Seafoam, Lime, and Mint. If Alternative Apparel could increase their color selection, they would be perfect, and I would buy everything from them. Still, they do have all the basic colors covered, and as I’ve been blabbering about, their designs are incredibly comfortable.

We will do our best to keep this page updated with the latest Alternative Apparel promo code. They offer coupons and hold sales fairly regularly, so there are definitely a lot of opportunities to save money on their stuff. These discount opportunities are great, because Alternative Apparel’s prices can run on the high side for a lot of pieces. Their basic t-shirt prices aren’t bad, but when you start getting into Perfect Tees (totally awesome shirts!) the prices can get up pretty high. But yeah, we’ll do our best to lower those prices for you–just check back to this page before you make any purchases and we’ll provide you the latest coupon code (if available) so you can save that moolah.


If you’re still reading–check out that cool video above. It’s a nice behind-the-scenes look at Alternative Apparel’s Fall 2010 fashion show. Yes, they’re like a real fashion brand in that they have fashion shows with runways. Sweet stuff!

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