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How to Use a Design by Humans Coupon

Using a coupon on your Design by Humans order is quite easy, but I thought I would write up some clear instructions just in case someone has any problems with it (it can be hard to miss sometimes). When you go to the checkout process, there will be a bunch of different “steps” (e.g. Step 1, Step 2, etc.). After filling out all your information in the first few steps, you will enter the coupon code in “Step 5”. When you get to that step, you will see a box on the left that says “Apply Promo Code”. You just put the coupon in that box and then hit the “apply” button and the discount should be reflected in your new order total! To make things a little more clear, here’s an exact picture of what you will need to do:

Design by Humans Coupon

As you can see, it’s very simple to apply your coupon and save big on your order of awesome Design by Humans shirts. Now I’m going to give you a little background on Design by Humans.

Founded back in 2007, Design by Humans (DBH) is one of my favorite t-shirt design competitions. Much like Threadless, they follow the crowd-sourcing model of t-shirt creation, whereby designers submit their t-shirt ideas to the Design by Humans competition, and then community members vote and the best designs are printed and sold. Design by Humans, however, has a distinctly different style from Threadless, and therefore the two can peacefully co-exist. I enjoy both companies because they both have something very cool and unique to offer. Design by Humans’ tees are usually a little more artistic, while Threadless has that kind of goofy/quirky style. I like both very much, and I find myself owning a lot of t-shirts from both companies.

In contrast to Threadless, Design by Humans prints a new t-shirt from their competition every day. So each day you check back at Design by Humans you will find a brand new t-shirt for sale. This keeps everything fresh, and gives people  a reason to always stay up-to-date with every happening at DBH. They also typically choose a Shirt of the Month, which is kind of like a “best of the best” type deal. Design by Humans prints their designs on a custom 50/50 cotton poly blend which is super comfortable. No need to worry about some boxy, crappy t-shirt blank–DBH doesn’t play that. Design by Humans also allows their designers a huge variety of printing options, which allows for some pretty unique and awesome designs. Design by Humans has been growing rapidly, and I hope they continue their success into the future. Here’s a cool little video about DBH from So Jones on Vimeo:

To sum all this up, Design by Humans is a t-shirt company that I really enjoy, and they are one of the best design competitions out there. You can check back to this page to always find the latest list of Design by Humans coupons which will help you save tons of money on your order. Now go buy some sweet DBH shirts, and use a code to get an even sweeter discount!!

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