Fuzzy Ink Coupon Code

Fuzzy Ink was started back in the summer of 2008 (the good ‘ole days!) by three dudes named John, Justin, and Mike. Since that era, they’ve been continuously churning out some of the finest mustache themed apparel I’ve ever seen. They make the designs, and we hook you up with discounts, so you can get your mustache fix in the cheapest way possible.

Their designs range from mustached walruses, to accordion players, the god Zues, and pretty much any other wacky thing with a mustache that you can think of. They’ve got a great unique style, and they’re definitely a company you should keep up to date with.

The coupons for Fuzzy Ink are usually 10-15% off, and we’ll try to keep them up-to-date so you can save as much money as possible. Maybe you can put that money into a good mustache trimmer (wow, that’s a lame joke)!

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