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Coming from humble beginnings in Greg Selkoe’s parent’s basement, Karmaloop has since expanded into one of the largest urban clothing stores on the Internet. They were founded eleven years ago in the year 2000. Karmaloop began as just a website, but would eventually expand and add a flagship retail store located in Boston, MA. Karmaloop also runs a popular blog, as well as an Internet TV “station” dubbed KarmaloopTV. They’re fairly popular among celebrities, grabbing fans such as Kanye West, and have also been active in political causes. The biggest example of this was their voter drive in 2008.

As I mentioned, Karmaloop is an urban style store. They stock clothing from over 150 major street wear brands, and also sell clothing from smaller labels through Kazbah. As you can imagine, this means they sell a varietyof clothing. They sell pretty much anything you need for style–shoes, button-ups, polos, jeans and tons more. However, since this is a t-shirt blog, I choose to focus on the graphic tees they sell. Karmaloop has a pretty broad selection of t-shirts as well. They have your standard urban graphic tees, which I find a little boring sometimes. They also have a bunch of cool shirts though (especially in the Kazbah), so Karmaloop’s graphic t-shirt selection is definitely worthy of checking out.

So, here’s my little history and summary of Karmaloop. They’re popular, they have cool t-shirts, and there’s a million other cool things about them that don’t necessarily fit under the umbrella of a t-shirt blog. Still, they’ve got great shirts. So, head on over to the store, use one of these Karmaloop coupons, and save a bunch of money on all your cool urban clothing/t–shirts.

Once again, if I missed any coupons or any pertinent Karmaloop information, please let me know!

If you’ve already read down this far, spend another five minutes of your life and watch this awesome interview between Greg Selkoe (CEO of Karmaloop) and Shephard Fairey (guy behind Obey Giant). There’s a lot of coolness in this one video:

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