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Palmercash is a mega-store of super comfortable and super-awesome shirts. They house designs from a bunch of popular brands, as well as having a plethora of in-house creations. They’ve also expanded into selling some blanks, and accessories such as sunglasses. Buuut, I think their huge variety and general awesomeness are much more important than that.

You can check back here for the latest Palmercash coupons, which should be updated fairly regularly, because I really like the store, and check in on it pretty often. Check out their stuff and let me know what you think!


  1. […] I really like Palmercash, so I like posting about coupons when they have them (we might have gone over this before). They’ve got one again, and this one will get you 15% off your entire order. Their shirts will make you almost as happy as a sunny day, so you should probably buy some (damn–I’m corny). Use PC99 until tomorrow (Thursday) for 15% off your order. Also, check back for the latest Palmercash Coupons. […]

  2. […] it out at Palmercash. I’ll also try to get a Palmercash coupon up asap if I can find a working one. 15% Off Sale at PalmerCash…15% Off Coupon at […]

  3. […] can find this one on sale for $13.97, as well as a bunch of other sale shirts. The Palmercash coupon should still be working as […]

  4. […] but I think the sale might end on Monday, so don’t dilly dally too long. We also try to keep updated Palmercash coupons, if they’ll allow us to post […]

  5. […] order of any shirt on the site. Use the code SKOOLSUCKS to get the discount, and check back at our Palmercash coupon page to get the latest and greatest Palmercash […]

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