Poketo is so much more than t-shirts. They’ve got some of the best graphic wallets around, an superb selection of art prints, and just generally all-around awesome products. I warn you that visiting their site has the side effect of significantly smaller bank accounts. Seriously, it’s like they designed their store around the style I like.

The only downside is that prices can be a bit on the high end. Shirts are usually hovering near $30, wallets are ~$20 (which ain’t bad), and art prints are $40. I guess it’s good you’re here then, grabbin’ a coupon to save mad bucks over at Poketo.

As for a little background on Poketo, they were founded in Los Angeles in 2003. They showcase some of the best graphic artists from around the world, and they are pure awesome. I have a bit of a love affair with them. My bank account doesn’t (it’s that dang side effect!).