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I’m Colin. This is me dressed as Donnie Darko for Halloween. If you look closely you can see my shot glass clutched in my right hand. Halloween parties are very fun.

I like t-shirts and blog about them often.

Some facts about me:

I like to use commas to make long sentences. Sometimes I splice them–I apologize if you love grammar.

No one has ever accused me of being too wordy.

I talk quietly (most of the time).

I’m a junior in college at Temple U.

I’m 21.

I travel whenever I can. Countries I’ve been to include: England, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic. I will hopefully be adding many more to that.

I love music. I also love festivals. I’ve so far been to Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Virgin Fest. I will hopefully be adding to that as well.

I have a last.fm account to find new music. Be my friend and check out my awesome taste!

I don’t actually wear graphic tees that often anymore (maybe I shouldn’t admit that).

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  1. My mind is blown!!!

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