Category: Artsy T-Shirts

Pablo Picasso Shirt from Das Monk

Unfortunately, I doubt many people will be able to afford this shirt from Das Monk, as it weighs in at a hefty $59.95. That being said, I really like the design. I enjoy the use of the half-white design on...

/ February 7, 2010

Raven Tee from Consilium Clothing

College essays have got me down! But thankfully after I finish these 15 pages or so I’m pretty much done major work for the semester, which is pretty rad. So…on to talking about the actual t-shirt–I dig it. It’s simple...

/ November 15, 2009

Bomber from Loveless Apparel

I’m exhausted, so no time for a long post today. You can just enjoy the pretty pictures courtesy of Loveless Apparel. You can pick this one up for $19.95. Check it out.

/ September 22, 2008

Lion from Kowtow Clothing

Kowtow has some pretty sweet, albeit also pretty expensive t-shirts. I would be happy wearing any one of their shirts (expect the one with naked people, you can check that one out for yourself, it might draw a little too...

/ September 6, 2008

The Ghost Ship T-Shirt from Shirtcity

Robert from Shirtcity has been emailing me for awhile now – I’ve always put off responding though (I get busy and forget), so I feel bad about that. Today when he emailed me, I really liked one of the submissions,...

/ April 16, 2008

Roots City T-Shirt by Congress Clothing

There are a lot of t-shirts with similar themes (cities + nature), but I think this one from Congress Clothing is one of the better ones out there. Unfortunately it’s sold out in everything except XS and XL, but, who...

/ February 3, 2008

Introducing Wunjo Wear

Wunjo Wear is an independent tee company located in Los Angeles. Wunjo Wear tees are inspired by the rhythms, colors, and energies of life. This email has been sitting in my inbox for awhile, but I just finally got around...

/ January 2, 2008

F.A.C.E.S T-Shirt from Design by Humans

From the same guy who design The Source comes a new Design By Humans in shirt. I really like this one as well. This guy has great talent. Check it out… Name: F.A.C.E.S T-Shirt Type: 100% Ringspun Cotton, Premium Fashion...

/ December 8, 2007

Daisy Buddha T-Shirt from Lotus

Above is the Daisy Buddha t-shirt from Lotus (who I believe is a band) that is being sold through Social Propaganda. There’s quite a bit of detail in the design, which I think is one of the reasons I really...

/ July 26, 2007

Iron & Wine T-Shirt

  I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Iron & Wine over the last few days, and for some reason this led me to look into some Iron & Wine t-shirts. I’m glad I did, because it appears Sam...

/ July 22, 2007

Parable Paranoia from Threadless

This is one of my favorite Threadless Select tee’s that’s been printed in a long time. I love the combination of characters from both fairytales and folklore, and the gold foil adds an extra touch of awesome. Normally I’d shy...

/ July 21, 2007

New T-Shirts at Tank Theory

Tank Theory just released four new t-shirts as part of their June update. There’s one new t-shirt of the month, two artist society tees, and one standard tee (pictured above). They’ve also extended their $15 sale to some new t-shirts....

/ June 16, 2007