Category: Cool T-shirts

Season 6 Launch at Fullbleed

Fullbleed recently (or at least I think recently) launched their Season 6 line of tees. All their shirts have great designs, they’re one of my favorite lines out there, so I recommend you check them out. All the shirts are...

/ November 18, 2007

The Universal Language T-shirt by Black Sea Apparel

Justin from Black Sea Apparel asked me to review one of his shirts. I chose one of my favorites, The Universal Language (my other favorite being Spiritual Warfare). All of Black Sea Apparel’s shirts are designed by Justin and have...

/ October 25, 2007

Phoenix T-Shirt from Burn Suburbia

This design, entitled Pheonix, is inspired by the US city of the same name. Name: Phoenix T-Shirt Type: American Apparel Price: $20.00 Where to Buy: Burn Suburbia

/ October 16, 2007

It’s Holloweek at Design by Humans

Design by Humans has been churning out some great designs. Here’s one I really like from Holloweek entitled Forbidden Platypus. Name: Forbidden Platypus T-Shirt Type: 100% Ringspun Cotton, Premium Fashion Fit Tee Price: $19.00 Where to Buy: Design by Humans

/ October 10, 2007

Some New T-Shirts from Oddica

 3 New Shirts released. Here are my favorites. Monkey Business In the same vein as one of their shirts (“Rabbit Business” I believe). I like it. Lionize Not as humorous as Monkey Business, but I think it’s a great design....

/ October 10, 2007

Malfoy is a Douche Bag T-Shirt from Cottonwerks

  This probably should have been featured in the top Harry Potter shirts, but, given that I was trying to keep them actually serious, it got left out. Nevertheless, be sure to let everyone know what you think of good...

/ July 28, 2007

Top 6 Harry Potter T-Shirts

Despite the immense popularity of Harry Potter, I found it remarkably difficult to find any good looking Harry Potter t-shirts. But, after a little look around, I came up with these six (in no particular order), which are my definite...

/ July 27, 2007

Robot Service from Shirt.Woot

  Woot just recently released their Shirt.Woot site, which features a new t-shirt every day (Saturday and Sunday excluded). Due to the nature of Woot’s audience, their shirts seem to target techies/geeks. So far, they’ve had some good offerings, with...

/ July 25, 2007

Quixotic Clothing, Pick up Tees for $8.50 Shipped

  I think I may have mentioned this before, but it’s worth bringing up again just for the sheer awesomeness of the deal. Quixotic Clothing is in the midst of a long lasting “spring cleaning” sale (or at least that’s...

/ July 23, 2007

Iron & Wine T-Shirt

  I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Iron & Wine over the last few days, and for some reason this led me to look into some Iron & Wine t-shirts. I’m glad I did, because it appears Sam...

/ July 22, 2007

Design By Humans, Threadless’ New Competition…Maybe…

If you’re into t-shirts, you might have already heard of Design by Humans. But, given that I haven’t been posting lately, I’m a little behind the times, and only now getting around to posting about the new site which may...

/ July 21, 2007

Parable Paranoia from Threadless

This is one of my favorite Threadless Select tee’s that’s been printed in a long time. I love the combination of characters from both fairytales and folklore, and the gold foil adds an extra touch of awesome. Normally I’d shy...

/ July 21, 2007