Category: Physical T-Shirt Reviews

Bushido T-Shirt from Custom Industries

CUSTOM Industries is a globally inspired streetwear brand whose aesthetic reflects the quest for adventure and the discovery of the obscure. CUSTOM is about individuality AND community, living life on the road and off-the-beaten path. Respect for the familiar and...

/ April 21, 2007

Tzars and Warlords T-Shirt from Sub Urban Riot

Sub Urban Riot was kind enough to send me their Tzars and Warlords t-shirt to review. Let’s start at the beginning with shipping. Jason shipped the shirt out the same day he offered me the review, how’s that for quick...

/ April 14, 2007

King Herald T-Shirt from American Pig Brand

American Pig Brand just kindly sent me their King Herald Slate t-shirt to review. This is my first review, so I’m just going to start at the beginning and go straight through the process. The shipping was lightning quick, I...

/ April 6, 2007