Category: T-Shirt Sales

Huge Threadless Summer Blockbuster Sale

Threadless is having a huge summer sale. Tons of new shirts at awesome prices ($10). Definitely check it out. They’ve even reprinted some of my favorites. I’m definitely picking up Funkalicious (I already own it, but now I have the...

/ June 2, 2008

Huge Sale at Busted Tees

Starting at midnight tonight and going until midnight tomorrow (so it’s the entire day of April 23rd), Busted Tees will be holding their Midnight Madness Sale. What does that mean for you? Quite simply, all their shirts get their prices...

/ April 22, 2008

Busted Tees Weekly Sales Page

I guess this isn’t entirely new, but I just recently found out about it. Given that I’m pretty up on t-shirt news and hadn’t noticed, I figure there have to be some people out there like me who’d be glad...

/ April 20, 2008

Monsieur T Shirts Sale – 50% Off

In order to get rid of their fall/winter line, from now until an undisclosed date, you can get all of Monsieur T’s shirts for 50% off. I picked up two last sale. They’re comfortable. You’ll like them. Check it out...

/ April 3, 2008

Out to Sea from PopJunkie is on sale

  This shirt got a lot of well deserved press back around January. I was just looking around PopJunkie today and I noticed that it was now on sale. Given that it seemed to be a popular shirt, I just...

/ March 26, 2008

A Quick Update to Torso Pants – $8 off

With my post yesterday about Torso Pants I forgot to mention part of their opening promotion. If you sign up as a member of the Church of Torso Pants (pretty much a regular member account) they’ll give you $8 (in...

/ March 25, 2008

Threadless Sale Extended until March 26th

  Due to server downtime, Threadless has extended their sale until March 26th, which means next Monday’s tees will be on sale as well. Also, if you’re putting in an order over $50, use the code “spring08” for $5 off....

/ March 21, 2008

Free T-Shirt at Sub Urban Riot when you buy a Hoodie

Buy any hoodie at Sub Urban Riot and receive a free t-shirt, just specify which shirt you want in the comments section. My favorite hoodie:

/ January 16, 2008

35% Off at Design by Humans

Jed from Design by Humans emailed me about their upcoming Friends and Family Sale. From December 25th to December 31st, get 35% off at Design by Humans by using the code “DBHFAM“.

/ December 23, 2007

Selling Threadless Gift Certificates for Cheap

Sorry, a bit of shameless self promotion here. I’m selling off a bunch of extra Threadless gift certificates I have sitting around. While, I wish I could be as generous as Karl over at tcritic and give them away for...

/ December 1, 2007

Sale at Custom Industries

From now until December 31st Custom Industries is running a buy 2 get 1 free sale. Just use coupon code 3for2spcl to get the deal. Head on over to Custom Industries’ shop.

/ November 28, 2007

mashPOTATO $11 T-shirt Sale

Until November 18th, all shirts at mashPOTATO are on sale for $11 (that’s over 50% off). Check it out at mashPOTATO .

/ November 11, 2007