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Insound, founded back in 1998, is a high quality indie record store hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Troundup is a t-shirt blog, though, so why am I writing about a record store? The answer to that question that you probably didn’t even ask (but I wanted a rhetorical device to say this for some reason), is that Insound has a great selection of band shirts. They carry merchandise for a lot of indie bands, and they’ve got good prices on it to boot. To give an abbreviated example of their selection, their current top selling shirts are from bands such as Wavves, The Black Keys, Iron & Wine, and Beach House.

My goal with this page is to make Insound’s already good prices even lower. I’ll do my best to keep the page updated with the latest promo code. The majority of Insound’s coupons seem to give around 10-15% off, which is a pretty good deal. I did have the pleasure of using a 25% off coupon once, but that’s rare. If it happens again, I’ll be sure to let you know.

So that’s basically it–if you need a band shirt, Insound has a good chance of having it. Also, they’ve got a great, affordable selection of vinyl too, so if you like high quality audio, use them for that too. If we’re missing a coupon or promo code please let us know so we can add it and keep this page up-to-date!

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