Umbra T-Shirt Frame

As a guy with a closet brimming full of t-shirts that I love the design of (but rarely ever wear); this is a godsend. Umbra is now selling a glass t-shirt display frame (for the past four months as well–I’m just slow to the punch). The frame is the “Pratt 2012 winner of the Umbra Designer Competition,” and it’s pretty dang slick. The geometry of the frame itself is perfect–I love the way it looks. It also should fit pretty much any t-shirt design, barring one of those full t-shirt all-over prints.

Unfortunately, they’re a little pricey at $40.00, so I won’t be framing my whole collection anytime soon. But, in the right design scheme, they could make a really cool wall-feature. You can get the frame in both black and white. Thanks, Umbra, for solving a problem I’ve always wanted solved.

P.S. Umbra has a nice, short video if you’re wondering how one would actually go about putting a t-shirt in the frame.

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