3 Duke Silver T-Shirts

Looking for an awesome Duke Silver shirt? Currently, we have 3 different t-shirts for this hashtag. But make sure to check back because we'll keep adding new Duke Silver shirts as we find them. Click on each design for information on where to buy the t-shirt.

Ron Swanson may be a gruff libertarian, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get down with some smooth jazz on the weekend. Duke Silver is Ron Swanson’s alter-ego. And the Duke Silver Trio is the jazz band under which Duke Silver and his compatriots perform.

The Duke Silver storyline was one of my favorite Ron Swanson moments from Parks and Recreation. All of these Duke Silver t-shirts capture Ron’s smooth jazz stylings in a wonderful manner.

As I find new Duke Silver designs, I’ll definitely add them to the list. So this list may well expand in the future.