Mickey Mao Shirt from AVAZAVA


For being a horrible guy, it’s kind of strange how many ways you can combine Mao into other words and phrases, most commonly in ROFLMAO–I think that was one of the first shirts I ever wrote about, from the now defunct Dirty Microbe. Damn, that was a long sentence, and probably a run-on. It’s late though, so who cares? That being said, I like this one way more than ROFLMAO. I think one of the biggest reasons is its Mao with mouse ears, but also messaging acronyms have greatly fallen from my favor.

You can find this one on the venerable site known as Etsy, from a shop called AVAZAVA. It will cost you $26. Go buy it. It’s also printed on an American Apparel tri-blend tee, which…



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