Music Through Shirts: Sublime

I’m a huge music fan, so I was looking for some way to incorporate this into the blog. I thought about it for a little and came up with an idea for a kind of mini-series of posts entitled Music Through Shirts. Every once in awhile, I’ll post up a shirt from a band that I like, and give some song recommendations and such. Today is the first one. We’ll begin with Sublime. I think they’re pretty well known, so you might have heard of them, if not, you should check them out.

Sublime T-Shirt

This one is pretty much the quintessential Sublime shirt (at least it’s what I’ve seen most shirts to be like). It’s got the big sun (one of their album covers I believe) on the front, with the band name on the back. I think the sun is an excellent design. Some band shirts can be weak, but this one isn’t.

Now, for some recommended tracks:
What I Got
Trenchtown Rock
Saw Red

Hopefully you enjoy.

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