My First Design By Humans Order

A few days ago I received my first ever order from Design by Humans. It came in a custom printed bag filled with the t-shirts and a few stickers. The shirts I ordered were “Chaos Came from the Ocean” and “A Pirate’s Tale“.


The shirts Design by Humans prints on are pretty high quality. They’re very soft, and relatively well fitting. However, they seem to run a little larger than American Apparel, and as a result they fit a little loose on me. I’m hoping they’ll shrink once they’re run through the wash, otherwise I’ll be a little dissapointed. Still, I like them better than Fruit of the Loom.

All said, I’m happy with my order. I just wish the shirts ran a little smaller.

If you’re thinking of placing and order anytime soon, remember to use the code “PNL4XK” for 15% off.

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