Emil from Ten Bills was kind enough to send me these two shirts to review. Not only did I get to check out their designs, I also got to see their new 100% cotton shirts. They previously printed on Fruit of the Loom 50/50, which I don’t find very comfortable, so I was eager to check out the new blanks, as $10 designs are an awesome deal.

Ten BillsTen Bills

(I’m using model pictures because it’s difficult to upload from my camera right now)

I was definitely pleasantly surprised by the new shirts. They feel like American Apparel, even though I’m pretty sure they not. But regardless of brand, they’re quite comfortable. The printing is good quality too, it feels like the prints on Threadless’ shirts if you’re looking for a gauge.

Both the designs are awesome too, very detailed (more detailed than you can see in the pictures) and cool. They also, like all of their shirts, only cost $10, which is truly an amazing deal for designs and shirts of these quality. I’m surprised Emil didn’t at least make his company “Fifteen Bills”, although I guess that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well.

You can pick up these, and other designs, at the Ten Bills store.

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