Deez Nuts, a Dee Brown T-Shirt

Deez Nuts, a Dee Brown T-Shirt
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More About This Deez Nuts, a Dee Brown T-Shirt

DeCovan Kadell Brown, AKA Dee Brown, was a n incredible dunker who played for the Boston Celtics, as well as a couple of other NBA teams. While Dee, the 19th overall pick in the 1990 draft, was a solid basketball player, he’s probably best known for winning the NBA Slam Dunk Contest with an incredible no look dunk.

This Dee Brown t-shirt memorializes that dunk with a little more low-brow approach, opting to bring in a play on the ever-popular deez nuts meme.

If you’re a fan of Dee Brown or amazing dunks, this design is a perfect one to add to your closet. You can also catch a video of Dee Brown’s famous dunk below: