Incredible Hulk Ripped Shirt

Incredible Hulk Ripped Shirt
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Brand: TeePublic

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More About This Incredible Hulk Ripped Shirt

Created by Stan Lee and published by Marvel Comics, the first issue of The Incredible Hulk was released as a comic book way back in 1962. And while Hulk may have started with humble beginnings, Bruce Banner and his alter ego have become a “smashing” success. If you’re younger, you probably remember Bruce Banner/Hulk’s appearance in The Avengers, as well.

This costume t-shirt features Hulk’s ripped shirt as he turns from Bruce Banner into Hulk. So if you want a t-shirt of Hulk ripping his shirt off for your next Halloween costume (or just for wearing around town), this TeePublic design is exactly what you’re looking for.

Get it and don’t be afraid to Hulk out around your friends.