Kamekona Shrimp Hawaii Five-O T-Shirt

Kamekona Shrimp Hawaii Five-O T-Shirt
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Brand: Redbubble

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More About This Kamekona Shrimp Hawaii Five-O T-Shirt

While the Hawaii Five-O task force might find themselves in a number of high stress (and sometimes overly dramatic) situations, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little comic relief with a t-shirt. This t-shirt features Kamekona and his Kamakona’s shrimp truck.

Kemakona is always there when you need some comic relief, and this t-shirt lets you show your support for the man and Hawaii Five-O in general.

So, help Kamekona out with his shrimp business by buying this shirt. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it! Maybe you can help out with Waiola Shave Ice, too! But let’s save that for another t-shirt.