I Know H.T.M.L. Silicon Valley T-Shirt

I Know H.T.M.L. Silicon Valley T-Shirt
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More About This I Know H.T.M.L. Silicon Valley T-Shirt

Want Erlich Bachman’s I Know H.T.M.L. (How to Meet Ladies) t-shirt from Silicon Valley? This gag shirt has become fairly iconic with it’s ridiculous play on words.

People who don’t know what Silicon Valley is might think you’re a bit odd, but everyone who likes the show will be diggin’ your tee. Btw, in case you haven’t figured it out by now. This HTML does not stand for Hyper Text Markup Language. No…Erlich is advertising that he knows How to Meet Ladies.

A Silicon Valley classic and a worthy addition to the closet of any fans of the HBO show.

And if you want a reminder of when Erlich wore this shirt in the show, here’s a quick picture of him wearing it in Silicon Valley: