Nintendium Silicon Valley T-Shirt

Nintendium Silicon Valley T-Shirt
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More About This Nintendium Silicon Valley T-Shirt

Looking for Erlich’s Nintendium t-shirt from Silicon Valley the TV show? Erlich’s spotted wearing this shirt under an open button down in the show.

As you can see from the design, the shirt is a play on the periodic table of elements, slotting in Nintendo (AKA Nintendium) with the number 89. This one is great because it’s not just for fans of Silicon Valley.

Even if you’re just a regular ‘ole Nintendo fan, you can still happily rock the very same Nintendium shirt that Erlich wore in the show.

If you want your memory jogged, you can find a screenshot from the episode where Erlich wore the shirt below:

The Nintendium T-Shirt that Erlich Bachman Wore in Silicon Valley